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About the coverage of DA14580

Hi, BR JE_Dialog

I use DA14580DEVKT-B to test BLE-UART, and check the signal strength scale with DSPS on an Android phone.
DSPS indicate the signal strength scale is only 3 level(full level is 5) from DA14580DEVKT-B,then the phone
can not receive the signal from DA14580DEVKT-B out of 4 meters.

I want to know what result in the small signal, DA14580DEVKT-B or DSPS?

Can you give some advice about increasing the signal quality in the test environment i.e. DA14580DEVKT-B and DSPS?

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HI there, this is not normal

HI there, this is not normal behavior of the device. If you load the DEVKT-B with a simple applicaiton, like  beacon , and use a simple sniffer like Lightblue LE, what are the RSSI readings looking like ? I'm not sure of the accuracy of the signal strength indicator on the DSPS app, so RSSI woudl be a better indication. BR JE_Dialog