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application of A4WP in DA14581

Hi Dialog Team,

What is the specific application of A4WP in DA14581 soc .


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Hi hrg,

Hi hrg,

A4WP is used for wireless charging. One of the key features of the A4WP wireless charging system is the bidirectional control link between the transmitting (PTU) and receiving (PRU) units. A4WP uses the BLE profile for system control messaging and signalling. This profile for the A4WP control messaging allows a variety of functions to be undertaken including:

  • PTU current adjustment by the PRU to gain the correct power transfer.
  • Transfer of PRU data to the PTU.
  • PTU specific data can be signalled to the PRU.
  • PTU can control the charge prioritisation.

In addition to this A4WP uses the Bluetooth 4 Generic Attribute framework, GATT, and this enables devices to pair without the need for manual intervention - just when they come close enough for charging to be initiated.

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RvA (dialog)

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Hi hrg,

Hi hrg,

just to add to RvA answer, anotehr  difference here is that to support A4WP specification, the DA14581 has a faster boot time (<100mS) and can support up to 8 slaves when in master mode.

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