Boot time and min Interuptrequest with 100µs

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Boot time and min Interuptrequest with 100µs

What is the boot time for the Cortex to load the Application program from a SPI-Flash or EEProm? (Assume full load)

Do drive and control an simple AC Motor they need a interrupt routine with 100µs. Is this possible beside the BLE Program?

The recommended clock is 16MHz. Since they have no current-issue, is it possible to work with a higher clock?

Are there plans inside Dialog to have a higher Transmit power? Customer don’t want to use external RF-power.

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Hello ED,

Hello ED,

The boot time wtih either SPI (FLASH) or i2c (EEPROM) is described in the attached document. This describes how long it takes to load from FLASH/EEPROM and effect of secondary bootloader for SPI.

Overall boot time also depends upon whether you start from a cold boot (e.g. cycling power) or whether you are coming out of DEEP or EXTENDED sleep. Extended SLEEP for example keeps SRAM alive so its very quick.

Currently we have not characterised operationw ith higher than 16MHz XTAL.

We will launch a reference design in the next 2 weeks for a +8dBm outptu power stage using external solution.

BR JE_DIalog.