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Bootloading external via Uart or flash

In a new design we connect an external ARM processor to the dialog chip via the UART. Connected to this external ARM chip is a 256kb flash chip. Current consumption is not critical and booting will be done once the batteries are placed in the product. Is it better to connect the spi flash memory directly to the Dialog chip ? Or is it OK to let the eternal ARM processor read out this flash chip en provide the code for the Dialog chip via the UART connection during booting ? Note: part of the flash contents contains data for the external ARM as well. Also if we use the UASRT option what about the trim/calibration values, were must we store these ?

MH_Dialog (not verified)
Hi Ruud,

Hi Ruud,

I would suggest to keep the flash connected to your ARM processor and use the UART as the interface between DA14580 and the ARM processor. So that ARM processor provide the firmware for Dialog DA14580 during booting. Trim/Calibration values can be programmed into OTP as my suggestion. If you want trim/calibration values be stored in flash, then the firmware need to be modified accordingly to read those values from specific address instead of OTP mapping address as default.