Where to find RF Master

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Where to find RF Master

Hello All,

I am trying to execute Prod_test project on PAN1740. My decive is detected by smart snippet tool box. I am unable to find the RF Master option on the smart snippet tool. I am also attaching the image. Can someone tell me how to find it. Thank you.

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Hi Gandhi,

Hi Gandhi,

As I am able to see for your attached snapshot, you are working in a workspace without SDK path. This is not the best practice and I would strongly recommend you to select the SDK5.0.4 (your workspace)as a root directory when opening the SmartSnippets studio version2.0.8. Please find more information in the UM-B-057 SmartSnippets Studio User Manual After that you should open the toolbox. In your attached snapshot, you should select the “Test” from the left column and then press “Open”. Once the toolbox has opened, from the “Tools” menu you could open the “RF Master”. If you would like to find more information about the RF Master, from the left corner of the toolbox, press the question mark (?) and open the user guide(html). In this document you could find all the available tools and functionalities of the toolbox.  The RF Master is described in section 19/ Please have a look. If you found the answer useful, please mark it as “accepted”.

Thanks, PM_Dialog