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ADC from 0 to 840 only

Good evening,

We've been working with the GPADC in the DA14681 board, and we found out that, in a range from 0 to 3.6V, the value we get is only up to 840, when we know that the board's ADC is a 10 bit converter chip. We'd like to know the reason for which this happens. Thank you in advance.

Ps: we are using the sdk version 1.160.2 from this page: https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/dialog-serial-port-service...

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Hi Massimo,

Hi Massimo,

Thanks for your question. Can you please share more inputs on this? Are you using the ADC adapter? In the DA1468x support page, there is an ADC tutorial available, have you read it? This tutorial should be used as a reference guide to gain a deeper understanding of the ‘GPADC Adapters’ concept.


Generally we recommend the usage of the adapters instead of Low Level Drivers (LLD) for accessing hardware peripherals because not only provide access to the peripheral, but also make sure that other tasks which are currently accessing it, suspend their operation until the peripheral is once again released. So you don't have to worry if another task tries accessing the same peripheral at the same time. Also, in sleep mode all the peripheral blocks are powered down.

Thanks, PM_Dialog