Migration between devices (e.g. SLG46824/6 to SLG46533)

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Migration between devices (e.g. SLG46824/6 to SLG46533)

Dear Forum

I intend to make a design using SLG46824/6 (VDD = VDD2) as a power sequencer with the ability to update the NVM every now and then. Later in the product life cycle (when design is stable and going to mass production) SLG46824/6 shall be replaced by SLG46533 (OTP).

  • Is there an easy way to migrate an existing design (given it does not exceeed the target device resource) to a different part, without the need to repeat the design entry?
  • In FPGA designs (e.g. Xilinx) they have a "compatibility" mode, which restricts resource usage to fit into all of the (footprint) compatible devices selected. Is there such a feature in the GreenPAK designer (or planned for future)?
  • Generally it would be desirable that designs were not so closely locked to devices (i.e. separating the design and the part mapping). I think of working with generic LUT, CNT/DLY, PINS etc. with the ability of copy and paste and only afterwards mapping to any GreenPAK device the design fits to. That would be a huge added value! Any thing in that direction planned for the near future or on the road map?


Thanks for information

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SLG46824, SLG46533
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Hi Peter,

Hi Peter,

unfortuantly not...  this is one of the identified limitations of the platform that if you migrate from one device to another, it does need a re-entering of the schematic capture/ config. .  We get this request quite frequently - for future generations, we're looking at figuring out a way to acheive this. 

I'll feed your comments into the team. Thanks again , JE_DIalog