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Audio Interface to DA14586

We are working on a Smartwatch solution for applications in Healthcare. Can you please share any reference design that can show us interface to a Digital Audio device/amplifier?

Additionally, is it must to have an SPI interface to use internal Flash?



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Hi Rabindra,

Hi Rabindra,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our BLE solutions.  DA14585/586 includes an Audio Unit with 2 digital interfaces namely a PDM and PCM. In the DA14585/586 product page there is a reference application design named DA14585 Voice RCU.  This kit supports direct connection for digital microphones via the PDM/I2S interface without an external codec required. Please check out the DA14585 Voice RCU support page (link below) and you will find detailed documentation.


Regarding your second, you can use the internal SPI flash without an external SPI interface.

Thanks, PM_Dialog