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DA14586 design questions


I am about to move my design from the DA14580 to the DA14586 since the old part is not recommended for new designs and I would make use of the internal FLASH.

My understanding is from a schematics point of view, only two pins are different:

#5 (VCC_FLASH) is used to power the FLASH. On the 14580/5 it is nc.

#38 (VDD) is recommended to float. On the 14580 it was VPP and used only when programming OTP (supply 6.7V).

I hope this is correct so far?


However, the Eval Board with the DA14585 (e-da1458xdevkt-b-vb00.pdf) still shows a circuit to generate VPP supply. So to use OTP memory, is VDD/VPP supply required or can VDD pin be always floating?


Thank you


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Hi Andreas,

Hi Andreas,

Many thanks for your question on our public Bluetooth forum. If you are OK, we’ll take your question offline onto mail. Let me check it and I’ll send you an email in your registered address as soon as possible.

Thanks, PM_Dialog