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tick error assert

Hi , dialog

   We use our customed DA14681 develop board. Our system run in extended sleep mode. We found that the system may stop at the assert code"configASSERT( ( xTickCount + xTicksToJump ) <= xNextTaskUnblockTime );"  .  It seems that something is wrong with the freertos tickCount . How to solve this problem?

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Hi guxiang,

Hi guxiang,

Thanks for your question online. Regarding this assertion, please find my comments below:

1. Check the interrupts that the ISR is running. The ISR might be running code which takes long time, so that the system delays.

2. We suspect that another probable reason for this assertion it might because the interrupts might be disabled for a long amount of time. This could make the OS miss the ticks counting.

3. Can you please indicate if you have done any SDK modifications, especially for the Low Power Clock configuration? I assume that the latest SDK version (1.0.14) for DA1468x product family is being used.

Thanks, PM_Dialog