SUOTA Partition Table 1MB - 179kB firmware

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SUOTA Partition Table 1MB - 179kB firmware


I do need to switch to suota loader for my product that uses a 8Mb flash memory. The default partition table is the following:

  PARTITION2( 0x000000 , 0x01E000 , NVMS_FIRMWARE_PART        , 0 )
  PARTITION2( 0x01E000 , 0x001000 , NVMS_PRODUCT_HEADER_PART  , 0 )
  PARTITION2( 0x01F000 , 0x001000 , NVMS_IMAGE_HEADER_PART    , 0 )
  PARTITION2( 0x020000 , 0x050000 , NVMS_FW_EXEC_PART         , 0 )
  PARTITION2( 0x070000 , 0x00D000 , NVMS_LOG_PART             , 0 )
  PARTITION2( 0x080000 , 0x010000 , NVMS_PARAM_PART           , 0 )
  PARTITION2( 0x090000 , 0x051000 , NVMS_FW_UPDATE_PART       , 0 )
  PARTITION2( 0x0E1000 , 0x01F000 , NVMS_GENERIC_PART         , PARTITION_FLAG_VES )

My binary is of this size

   text       data        bss        dec        hex    filename
 182736        296      28392     211424      339e0    poc.elf

final bin file is 179kB

Can you confirm to me to which partition is such firmware being uploaded ?

If it is in NVMS_FIRMWARE_PART, which other partition can be reduced in size ?


Thank you in advance

Best Regards


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Hi There,

Hi There,

All the SUOTA functionality is described in UM-B-056: DA1468x Software Developer's Guide and Section 9 Software Upgrade. The following partitions are used by an application that supports software update:

  • Bootloader partition, contains the bootloader that manages the update process if a new firmware executable has been uploaded.
  • Product header partition (a partition with information about a device) namely NVMS_PRODUCT_HEADER_PART
  • Image header partition with software version information namely NVMS_IMAGE_HEADER_PART.
  • Application executable partition ()NVMS_FW_EXEC_PART, contains the current application firmware version. In a SUOTA application this is limited to 320kB.
  • Firmware update partition (0,NVMS_FW_UPDATE_PART), this contains the new updated firmware version that the bootloader will detect on the next reboot. Practically this is limited to 320kB as well by the size of the application executable partition.

Please check Figure 44 and the yellow partitions.

Thanks, PM_Dialog