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DA14585 BLE Transmission and reception

Hello Dialog,

I am a newbie in Bluetooth filed.
I am currently send data to DA14585 from ble terminal on my mobile,
and running BLE Example

I tried to turn on the LED  through Bluetooth transmission in the suotar_task.c file as follows

static int gattc_write_req_ind_handler(ke_msg_id_t const msgid,
                                       struct gattc_write_req_ind const *param,
                                       ke_task_id_t const dest_id,
                                       ke_task_id_t const src_id)
    int msg_status = KE_MSG_CONSUMED;

    //  for test
        if(param->value[2] == 0x07)
            GPIO_SetActive(GPIO_PORT_1, GPIO_PIN_0);


    if(ke_state_get(dest_id) == SUOTAR_IDLE)
    else if(ke_state_get(dest_id) == SUOTAR_BUSY)
        msg_status = KE_MSG_SAVED;

    return msg_status;

Unfortunately the LED is turned off in other places, but it has been confirmed that DA14585 has received.
There is a question, how can I make it return the data to my terminal after receiving it?

I notice that the command ke_msg_send maybe return the data to my mobile. How should I doing before use ke_msg_send command ?

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Hi Hermus,

Hi Hermus,

Pls refer to below document to implement GATT data interaction:


Hope it will help