SPI flash programming custom board using DA14586

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SPI flash programming custom board using DA14586

Hello Dialog Semiconductor team,

I am using a DA14580 dev kit pro to SPI flash program a custom board, utilizing a DA14586 microcontroller. My custom board has access to VPP, 3.3 V, GND, P0_4 (TX), P0_5 (RX), SPI_CLK, SPI_EN, SPI_DI, SPI_DO, and RST. From this post and this post, I see that the users are using SWDIO and SWCLK to program SPI flash.

What connections must I make from the DA14580 dev kit pro to my custom board (utilizing a DA14586) to program SPI flash? Do I need access to SWDIO and SWCLK? Or can I program SPI flash using SPI_CLK, SPI_EN, SPI_DI, SPI_DO?

Thank you, Dominic

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Hi Dominic

Hi Dominic

Thanks for your question. I guess that you are using the following DK :


You can program you custom board either via UART or JTAG.

JTAG interface, the required connections are:

J4.25 (TMS) - > SWDIO pin of custom board.

J4.27 (TCK) - > SW_CLK pin of custom board.

UART interface, the required connections are:

J4 - UTX - > on the RX pin of the custom board.

J4 - URX - > on the TX pin of the custom board.

J4 - RST - > to the RST pin of the custom board.

In both cases you should power your custom board via the Pro-Kit and have common ground too.

In order to program the SPI flash, you should use the Flash programmer from the SmartSnippets Toolbox. You should also configure corrdctly the ”Board Setup“

Please see Section 9 and 15 from the user manual -  links are provided below:



Thanks, PM_Dialog