OTP programming using DA-14585 basic dev kit

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OTP programming using DA-14585 basic dev kit


I have two questions:

1. Can use a DA-14585 basic dev kit to program (OTP) a custom board which is using a DA-14580 chip (via JTAG)?

2. I have added a jumper to the J8 pins which is done for OTP programming, but when I check the voltage at TP2 (which is meant to be 6.8V) it is 0V, am I missing something? Do you know what could be the issue that I am not getting my 6.8V? Has the TP which outputs the 6.8V changed from the DA-14580 basic dev kit? (I had one and the voltage was output at TP2).


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Hi Hassan,

Hi Hassan,

All the Dialog DK can be used in order to program a custom board via JTAG.

J4 - Pin 1 (VBAT_580) - > Vcc of the custom board.

J4 - Pin 25 (TMS) - > SWDIO pin of custom board.

 J4 - Pin 27 (TCK) - > SW_CLK pin of custom board.

J4 - Pin 2 (GND) - > to the ground of the custom board.

However, the DA14580 needs 6.8V voltage for the OTP programming. This voltage doesn’t exist on the DA4585 and the basic DK. So, you should use an external supply on the VPP of the DA4580 to enable the opt programming. The supply voltage on VPP pin during the OTP programming should be 6.6V – 6.8V. You need to ensure that the supply voltage on VPP pin during the OTP programming is within 6.6V – 6.8V. The supply voltage during programming should be clean and must not exceed 6.8V.

Keep in mind that OTP stands for One Time Programmable, thus you can’t erase and re-write the OTP multiple times, but you can only flip the bits that are still set to 0 and turn them to 1.

Generally, if you are starting a new design, we would strongly recommend moving into DA14531 or DA14585/586 products and SDK6.0.14, as it is much more improved. We have a lot of code examples and improved documentation, and there is also software roadmap support. There is not any software roadmap support for DA14580 product family and SDK5.


Moreover the DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module is now released! Follow the link below to find datasheet, documentation and HW collaterals for the module:


Thanks, PM_Dialog