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DA14580 UART, strange behavior

Dear all,

maybe it's all normal, since i am quite new to BT and dialog chips.
A board i am working on has DA14580, it has been wired to be controlled
trough UART.
But, immediately after the board boot, i see with oscilloscope a strange BT
chip traffic on both UART TX and RX, like some continuous burst of data.

Is it possible the module is bootstrapping in a non-UART mode ?

Eveyr help is appreciated.

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Hello Angelo, sorry for the

Hello Angelo, sorry for the delay : this could be the boot sequence - the device has an automatic boot squence in development mode where it is looking on UART and other interfaces.

BR  JE_Dialog

MH_Dialog (not verified)
Hi Angelo,

Hi Angelo,

Because there is no application programmed in OTP, DA14580 would boot from serial interfaces.

Please refer to the doc below for details 

"AN-B-001 DA14580 Booting from Serial Interfaces"