DA14531 SmartBond TINY Module

Integrate UART with BLE

Fri, 2021-02-05 11:06 -- _asmaitha


My requirerment are as follows:

1 . Integrate an existing BLE code with UART functionality, so that i can tranfer and receive data coming from an external MCU (HOST)over UART. 

2. Once that is established, I would like to tranmit around 3000 bytes of data whenever the data is read at the MCU(HOST) end,.

So far i have been able to send and receive only a single byte of data via over UART without adding any of the BLE code.

Could you please suggest an efficient way to do it?

DA14531 capability CANBUS

Wed, 2021-02-03 22:27 -- bonadio


I have an application developed using ESP32 where the application connects to a vehicle using CANBUS reads Speed, RPM, temperature and some 10 other information every 100 ms and update the BLE characteristics for each parameter, it only have 1 user connected a few times a day.   

I would like to know if the DA14531 module would be capable of running this application? I plan to interface the DA14531 with an external SPI CANBUS controller


UART interrupt in ble_app_peripheral

Fri, 2021-01-29 15:48 -- julienr


I am trying to implement communication via UART and a characteristics with read/write/notify properties (no DSPS or Codeless)

I tested the uart example from sdk without problem


I am now trying to add uart to the ble_peripheral example :

- I can write bytes to the characteristics wich are transmitted to UART without problem

- Now I have a problem with UART receive interrupt which is never triggered when I send bytes, but using blocking mode works without problem


CODELESS Project Size Reducing - Problem Solved....

Fri, 2021-01-15 15:49 -- janosN

Dear Dialog,

Thanks for your answer.

The image-size reduction was possible by disabling two #define lines in user_at_commands: (the rest of the defines had no significant size reduction effect)

//#define USE_AT_CONPAR and //#define USE_AT_BND was effective and after linking, the code-size reported is: 27812 (for codeless_531_datapump). So, I can compile the project now without extra Keil license.

DA14531 Deep Sleep - persist RTC date/time

Thu, 2021-01-14 11:19 -- jsageder


I was in contact with support already but we couldn't find a solution, I am hoping someone here might know something we might have overlooked:

According to the DA14531 datasheet, the timer power domain (PD_TIM) can be kept alive during deep sleep mode, which means that the RTC can be kept running. Upon a button press, the device should wake up from deep sleep and RTC date/time should be persisted and not lost (it's always reset/initialized to 0 after coming out of deep sleep).

Replacing the TI CC2540EMK-USB for Dialog DA14531 Development Kit-USB

Wed, 2021-01-13 16:03 -- josephdiest


I am currently using the TI CC2540EMK-USB as a host in a development. I have run into an issue where the MTU size is limited to 20 Bytes on the TI dongle. I am looking into switching to the DA14531 USB dongle and need help determining if this module will be a suitable replacement. Will I be able to communicate with the DA1451 USB dongle over the USB port and send commands to perform GATT/ATT and GAP operations such as device scans and characteristic writes? Do you have a GUI software that I can use to perform these operations?

Thank you in advance.


Wed, 2021-01-13 15:21 -- prakash Solanki


I want to try and load AT codeless application to above development kit. Reading from forum this has been done but I am unable to load the codeless binary using SmartSnippets toolbox. When I press the reset button the utility complains about bad CRC.

This is process I followed:

Launched SMartSnippet tool box

Click on detect and it detects the board

Click on "New"->add "mySetting", click on mySetting and select "UART" select COM44 (this is as in device manager) and select DA14531


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