DA14531 SmartBond TINY Module

Change the device name permanently

Wed, 2020-08-12 13:55 -- nolucas


I am using the DA14531 module with your DSPS software (dsps_device_531.bin, v6.150.4.50).

When I change the device name via the SmartConfig app (downloaded on the PlayStore) and then I restart the DA14531 module, the name is also resetted. So i'm looking for a solution. Can I change the name via Bluetooth and make it permanent even if I restart the module ?

Or another solution for me would be to change the name via UART. Is it possible ?


Thank you,

Have a nice day.


Interfacing a sensor to DA14531 MOD with I2C

Sat, 2020-08-08 07:14 -- ravikiran4

Hello. Dialog Semiconductor team,

I was recently known about your BLE low energy devices, I was very much attracted to your products.

1. I want to interface a sensor with DA14531MOD via I2C connection and send that data to another DA14531MOD. I am not able to find a proper reference from your site regarding sensor I2C integration with  DA14531. I am only able to find I2C_EEPROM in SDK peripheral examples.

2. Where can I start a new project to develop as my requirement. I haven't seen any possible way for that. Please help me.

DA14531 sleep mode exit

Mon, 2020-08-03 14:46 -- tsgowtham


I'm trying to implement any sleep mode on the DA14531 which does not cause a system reset. Can you please provide which sleep modes cause a reset and if a specific sleep mode does not trigger a reset, where does the execution continue from and what will be the state of the BLE connection?

From looking at the proxr_reporter code,

Extended sleep - Continues execution on wakeup

Deep Sleep - Triggers a reset on wakeup

Hibernation - Continues execution on wakeup


Fast I2C writes only zeros

Sat, 2020-08-01 15:55 -- tsgowtham


I'm using a DA14531 Done in a Day kit with an IMU. I'v modified the ble_app_profile example to interface with the IMU and transmit the IMU data.

When I used I2C_SPEED_FAST,  I observed that only zeroes are sent on the line and my code hits the NMI handler after few seconds. In the periph_init() function, I initialized the I2C peripheral and I'm reading the IMU's WHO_AM_I register continuously in a loop till I receieve the correct value. I used a logic analyzer and observed that only zeroes are sent.


Some bytes are not transmitted with DSPS on DA14531

Thu, 2020-07-23 08:00 -- nolucas


I have a new problem, I am using the development kit with the DA14531 module. I flashed the module with dsps_service_531.bin and I'm using your Android app SmartConsole downloaded on the PlayStore.

When I send a character with TeraTerm on my Windows computer to the module, I don't receive it on the app. But if I send quickly a lot of characters, I will receive them. For example if, on TeraTerm, I maintain the letter "a" pressed, I will receive a lot of "a" on the app after a little delay but if I press only one time the letter "a", I will not receive anything.


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