DA14531 SmartBond TINY Module

Connection drops

Sat, 2020-06-27 22:00 -- Sergei Bezroukov

Hi there,

I am experimenting with a pair of DA14531 TINY modules connected to a computer via a 2-wire UART and USB/UART converter on CP2104 by using CodeLess firmware image codeless_531_standalone_set_two.hex. Establishing a connection between them works as described in Section 3.3 of  UM-B-140. But the probelm is that the modules drop the  connection after about 3 minutes. Is it possible to fix it so that the connection will remain active indefinitely?

Firmware image difference for DA14531

Fri, 2020-06-26 23:51 -- Sergei Bezroukov

Dear Dialog Experts,

what is the difference between the provided firmware images? I was unable to find an answer to this question in UM-140. This document just mentiones them without any explanation. Is the only difference in the set of AT-command supported?

  1. CodeLess for DA14531 datapump (codeless_531_datapump.hex)
  2. CodeLess for DA14531 standalone (codeless_531_standalone.hex)
  3. CodeLess for DA14531 standalone SET TWO (codeless_531_standalone_set_two.hex)


Data Transmission Speed for digital sensor

Thu, 2020-06-25 09:34 -- pratikshinde


I want to use DA14531 Tiny Module for reading and transmitting digital inputs to control system placed on 5m distance.

Following is setup, 

4 Digital Inputs  -> DA14531   wireless transmission to DA14531 -> 4 Digital Outputs.

I want to read these inputs at higher frequency lets say 1000 to 5000 times per second. So that I will not miss any change on input side sensors.

Is it possible to achieve this with high data rates over DA14531?

Can we use Tiny Module and DSPS for this purpose?





DA14531 Software Interrupt

Wed, 2020-06-10 14:34 -- jsageder

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to use one of the three available software interrupts (RESERVED21/22/23_IRQn) to control the flow of a program. I have a very light and simple JSON based protocol on top of a Bluetooth Serial Service (one RX, one TX characteristic). Once a complete JSON is received on the RX characteristics, I'd like to trigger a software interrupt that leads to processing of the received data and sending out an answer on the TX characteristic.


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