DA14531 SmartBond TINY Module

Is it possible to implement the std profiles in host MCU which is connected to DA14531 via UART and comm. using AT commands

Thu, 2020-11-19 04:35 -- Arun Thirunavuk...

Hi Team,

We've been working on a project, in which we're using a standard health profile. Is it possible to implement the health profiles in an external host processor and communicating using the AT commands. If so, how can we do that can you guide me through this. 



Initialising a DA14531 module in-circuit

Thu, 2020-11-19 03:54 -- Rhys Weatherley

Apologies if this question has been asked before.  We recently purchased a number of DA14531 modules to integrate into a BLE-using project.  At present we're still at the investigation phase.

To investigate how the module works, I hooked it up to a STM32L552 microcontroller (MCU) as recommended in section 7 of the datasheet:

* J14 TX on DA14531 to LPUART1 RX pin on the MCU.

* J10 RX on DA14531 to LPUART1 TX pin on the MCU.

* J12 RST on DA14531 to GPIO pin on the MCU, left floating for now.

Use of P0_6 for user code

Wed, 2020-11-18 16:10 -- mon2

Hi. Thanks for the continued support on the use of this neat module. We are close to customizing the use of this product in our first design.

We appear to be able to remap the SPI port pins to our external device using the AT+IOCFG commands with the exception of P0_6.

The module datasheet, figure 11 shows that P0_6 as one of the recommended port pins for custom SPI use as the SPI_SCK function.

Is there a work around to allow us to make use of P0_6? In a pinch, we will not use this port pin.


DA14531 module JTAG connection for programming

Sat, 2020-11-14 08:08 -- paolog

Hi! I just started evaluating the DA14531 module for a new BLE project, and I'd like to program it with the Codeless firmware from the SDK. I'm not using any development kit, but I'd like to connect the module to a Segger Jlink 20-pin connector. Which is the correct way to do it? Can I connect directly or should I build an adapter?

Thank you,



Unable to remap SPI port pins on DA14531 Module

Fri, 2020-11-13 22:14 -- mon2

Hi. Using the DA14531 Module PCB with the Pro kit and CODELESS firmware (DA14531 standalone (SET-TWO)).

1) CodeLess DA14531 v_6.380.12.6

2) Our project is requiring an external SPI device for which we wish to use some of the free pins onboard this module.

3) First tests show that the port pins are available for our use.







21 20 00 22 19 12 11 04 04 04 04 04


Program schedule on DA14531

Wed, 2020-11-11 21:15 -- magergar

I've been thinking how to program a 24hour schedule on the module,
for example dimming (changing the PWM) of a light depending on the hour

Maybe I could use an RTC timer? is there any example of it's functionality?
I would like to execute a function every hour while I'm reading a sensor every 5 min maybe
does that mean that I need 2 separate timers?

It is posible to have some kind of "loop" to check sensors using timers maybe
since  I know a common loop doesn't work with the bluetooth and automatically disconects

Codeless commands not working

Wed, 2020-11-11 19:48 -- mon2

Hello. Interested to deploy the DA14531 certified BLE module inside an embedded design to access a local SPI device. Then perform some R/W with the SPI slave over a BLE enabled phone app.


For starters...

We have the following setup:

Using DA1458x Pro Motherboard with DA14531/DA14531 Module daughterboard

Configured jumpers as per Figure 11 on the website. No fly-wires.

Loaded up the CODELESS firmware onto the flash - actually have attempted 



with the same results.

beacon software for asset tracking

Tue, 2020-11-10 12:53 -- chintan_gala


I am planning to use DA14531 smartbond tiny module for asset tracking solution, I have tested ibecon example code which was available in portal, I would like to know which beacon software will be good for asset tracking application, also how to write serial no of assets into modules during production process which I would like to be part of advertising data.



Chintan Gala

CodeLess adverising data

Thu, 2020-11-05 17:20 -- hto

"Note: Please note that commands AT+ADVDATA and AT+ADVRESP are not available in DA14531 due to memory constraints."

Does this mean, that it is not possible to send advertising data when using "CodeLess"?

We wanted to exchange data between 2 or more TINY modules without the need to be connected.

That is the the way we used another BLE module to implement our own propriarity network.


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