DA14531 SmartBond TINY Module


Mon, 2020-10-12 07:18 -- pooja

Hi ,

1)We designed a custom board using DA14531MOD-00F1DB-P BLE Module .

2)The issue is while trying to connect BLE Module (in custom Board) using "Smart snippet" software but it's keep loading and board didn't detected. (J link plus segger and SWD Interface used)

            a)In our custom design "Reset" is pulled High using pull up resistor (Smart snippet software but it's keep loading and board didn't detected & in J link plus Green LED glowed).

How to set Tx power level (output power) of the DA14531_TINY_Module in my OpenCPU code itself

Thu, 2020-10-08 12:23 -- ravikiran4

Hi Dialog team,

I want to reduce the Tx power level (output power) of my DA14531_TINY_Module. I have already seen your 4.7 DA14531_FAQs/RF_Radio. 

Is there any other possibility to change the Tx power level in my application code itself? So that I can enable that Tx power range while I am flashing my program into DA14531_TINY_Module.

I really need an answer to this.

Thank You in advance.


DA14531MOD SUOTA Tutorial "Same Image Error"

Wed, 2020-10-07 11:35 -- DanieCML

I've been trying to get the SUOTA tutorial for the DA14531 to work on a Pro Dev Kit with DA14531MOD daughter board, but I keep getting the error "Same Image Error" when trying to do an update from an android phone with the Dialog SUOTA app.


Application Level Task creation

Thu, 2020-10-01 10:44 -- balaji

Hi Dialog,

Based on my application, I need to create multiple threads ,to run each thread independently. For example I  have two task

1. LED has to blink for every 500 ms

2. Get one Pin Status whether its high or Low

I have used app_easy_timer() from ble but it needs BLE to be active.

How do i initialise a task , can you post a simple led blinking task.



Add Custom Service

Wed, 2020-09-30 21:44 -- magergar

How can I add a new service or characteristics to my bluetooth aplication?

what I'm trying to acomplish is read a sensor(ADC, I2C) and/or to modify the duty cycle of the PWM through an app but I can't find the information to create characteristics and how to modify it remotly or local

And since It's not recomended to modify the main loop how can I setup a periodical reading? using a timer?, I know the bluetooth works with events but I can't find a way to make it works

SPI Flash error

Tue, 2020-09-29 06:04 -- balaji

Hi Dialog,

I'm using DA1431 Basic Dev kit. I made two custom boards with DA14531 module. I debug and did SPI flash for both modules with Smart Snippet Toolbox using JTAG interface.

pin configurations

P0_2 - SWCLK

P0_10 - SWDIO

VBAT - 3.3 V


For past two days both modules working fine. Now I'm have a issue with one of the custom board module. which shows following error.

[ERROR General               @20-09-29 10:15:46]

Is there any source except timer to wake up DA14531 from sleep mode?

Sun, 2020-09-27 11:31 -- harry84

I want to know is there any source except timer to wake up the DA14531 from sleep mode? I should mention that I don't access my board, so I would like to wake up it remotely or by a trigger, for example, by sensing the environment.




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