DA14531 Boot from 2-wire UART

Tue, 2020-01-21 13:29 -- amitv87


I am unable to boot DA14531 using 2 wire uart (boot step4 http://lpccs-docs.dialog-semiconductor.com/UM-B-119_DA14585-DA14531_SW_Platform_Reference/Appendix/Appendix.html#da14531-booting-sequence-steps).

For reference please find the attached schematic.

I have interfaced the chip in bypass configuretion.

As soon as I power up the chip, a constant 0.8mA is drawn from the supply.

Beginner questions regarding DA14531 and SmartSnippets Studio

Sat, 2020-01-18 01:30 -- thespixxyq

Hello. I am really interested in your DA14531, because it looks like perfect SoC for my project. I am beginner, I have never used any Dialog HW before; I have never heard of Dialog until like 2 weeks ago, respectively. But to questions.

1) I am going to use external SPI flash, SPI IMU sensor and 32kHz crystal. In this case I will need to remap MISO and SCK to another pins in OTP memory, right? For example MISO P0_2 and SCK P0_5 would be ok?

2) When using SPI flash - will I be able to use this SPI interface for both flash and IMU?

DA14531 USB development 1wire programming issue

Tue, 2020-01-14 18:41 -- RFEE


I've trying to load the production firmware by using 1-wire UART using the JLink CDC Uart, but I keep getting Error from sending the firmware to the FTDI device. See errors below.

Started downloading firmware \prod_test_531.hex to the board.

[INFO Booter @20-01-14 12:53:50] Read 22944 bytes from file \prod_test_531.hex.

[INFO RF Master @20-01-14 12:53:50] Connection to COM7 port has successfully opened.

[INFO RF Master @20-01-14 12:53:50] Started download procedure...

How to use ADC by differential mode

Tue, 2020-01-14 02:34 -- imaizumi.k

Dear Dialog team,

I want to use ADC by differential mode, but I can't understand how to set input pins.

For example, I want to set P0_6 as positive input pin and P0_7 as negative input pin.

But I couldn't set both input pin in adc_config_t because selectable input pin is one.

    adc_config_t adc_cfg =

DA14531 Timer1 Capture

Mon, 2020-01-13 06:52 -- zhu


I am a new user trying to familiarize myself with the SmartSnippets development environment. Im using:

Dev-kit:  DA14531-00FXDEVKT-P

Now I need to measure the number of pulses in a certain period of time, about 1200 pulses in 10ms.According to the example "da14531_timer1_software_example" on the official website, I have successfully measured the correct pulse number using Timer1's capture function.

The "user_timer1.c"relevant code snippet is shown below:


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