Regarding using DA14531 in the design and it's Antenna Design Tips

Thu, 2020-01-09 11:24 -- deshpandead


We have used DA14531 in our Design. We have followed the documents Gerber-DA14531-db-qfn24_vF_(376-04-F) and DA14531-db-qfn24_vF2_(376-04-F)-SCH for Antenna Design.

Let me know is it OK to proceed with the design.Let me know. 

Can you share other document  for Antenna Design for DA 14531?. We find the track width for Antenna Route is more.

Let me know how much track width  we can keep  as we are using inverted F Antenna for our Design.Is second Pie filter is a must in antenna design?.

DA14531 development kit usb

Sun, 2020-01-05 05:18 -- stawiski


I got a dev kit for your new device (SmartTiny): https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/da14531-development-kit-usb

I'm waiting for documentation regarding this kit (user guide, schematic, PCB layout etc.). When I bought the kit the website said the documentation will be available mid-November. Then it was updated to mid-December, and it's January now.

What's going on there?



DA14531 SUOTA guide and tooling

Thu, 2020-01-02 11:09 -- Firefox2005


I am looking for an offical guide for implementing and testing SUOTA features of the DA14531.

I can not find a link under the offical download section of the DA14531.

I have tried guides from other chips but it did not work as expected and I am not sure if there are differences.

I am not sure which secondary bootload I have to use (580, 585), and if I have to create them manually with the python script or use the included pop-up dialog from the SmartSnippets Toolbox for creating a multi image.

Best regards


Creating an attribute with a specific handle

Fri, 2019-12-27 23:12 -- mark.palomer

I am trying to modify the ble_app_peripheral example project to connect to an app that is sending a write request with a specific handle (in my case 0x0055). The ble_app_peripheral project as it is currently returns an error response with an invalid handle error code. How can I create an attribute with this handle number using version 6.0.12 of the SDK?

connect DA14531 and stm32l4xx via UART

Thu, 2019-12-26 03:02 -- swkim112

Hi Dialog,


I want to connect my DA14531-00FXDEVKT-P with external processor (STM32L4xx) via UART.

Before I tested devkit (PRO-MB, PRO-DB(FCGQFN24) with following:

  - connect 2-wire UART (referenced from UM-B-114, Table 9 and Figure 25)

  - run Projects/target_apps/ble_examples/prox_reporter_ext (Keil IDE)

  - run Projects/host_apps/windows/proximity/reporter (SmartSnippets Studio)

  -> I can search BLE device(reporter) from android BLE app, and able to connect.



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