DA14531 single ground under chip?

Wed, 2019-11-13 07:50 -- alex_at_thimble

Dear Dialog - I'm reading your AN-B-075 DA14531 Hardware Guidelines and looking at the layouts of the dev kit, and I have a question about ground connections.

The app note says

"Separate RF ground pins of DA14531 CFGQFN24 from the rest ground pins
Connect pin 19 to GND with vias as shown in Figure 26
Short 20, 21, 23 GND pins together and use two GND vias, as shown in Figure 26"

DA14531 reference layout?

Sat, 2019-11-09 06:17 -- alex_at_thimble

Dear Dialog guys, first off thank you for making a really nice chip like the DA14531.  Looks great, and I'm interested in using that in several high-volume projects right away.

I've read through I think all available documentation including the DA14531 Hardware Guidelines AN-B-075.  This is good, but do you have the CAD files / Gerbers / etc for the designs shown in there?  That would save a lot of time over trying to reproduce the same design from scratch.

How about providing the Gerbers for the DA14531 dev kits?

DA14531 and Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding

Thu, 2019-11-07 08:33 -- Firefox2005


I've seen a forum post asking for the Direction Finding capabilities of the DA14531 - but it seems to be deleted now.

You've clarified, that the DA14531 won't support AoA/AoD but we've been wondering if it won't support acting as a locator because of its' low power or if it also won't be able to act as a tag (sending CTE in packages).

And if it won't be able to send CTE packages is there a specific reason for that?



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