How to watch the testing result of the UNMODULATED_CMD_MODE_RX

Sat, 2021-01-23 04:01 -- Peter Luo

Hi Dialog,

Could you tell us how to watch the direct testing result (such as peak and average RSSI) when the command UNMODULATED_CMD_MODE_RX is issued to the DA1453x, DA1458x,DA1468x,and DA1469x development kits ?

We use following two commands:

prodtest -p <COM port number> unmodulated RX <FREQUENCY>

prodtest -p <COM port number> unmodulated OFF

Now, we can't get useful information from the output of two above commands, only know command is executed successfully.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,


SUOTA combined with another upgrade path?

Thu, 2021-01-21 17:22 -- UnicycleBloke

I am working on a device (it contains a DA14531) which aims to be upgradeable over BLE using SUOTA but also over a physical serial connection. I would like to know whether it is possible to reuse the SUOTA code in this way. I imagine receiving packets over the serial link and then passing them to the firmware update code as if they had been received over BLE, or something like that.

Has anyone done this? Where can I find detailed documentation of the protocol and packet formats used to upload a new image? Or is this not documented.




Broadcasting via GPIO interruption

Thu, 2021-01-21 14:31 -- Nick Long

Hello Dialog stuff, I am planning to develop a counter based on DA14531.
The final effect is that when the P0_1 pin of DA14531 detects a rising edge, a variable say COUNTER will add 1, and then the value of COUNTER will be advertised three times subsequently. After that DA14531 goes to sleep and listens for the next interruption on PIN P0_1. I will see the value of the COUNTER in the manufacturer specific data on the smartphone scanner APP .
I think combining the Timer1_Software_Example and ble_app_barebone example may realize my goal. However, I tried and failed.

A problem with Hardware Design Examples

Wed, 2021-01-20 16:50 -- harry84

I have a problem with all of the Hardware Design Examples at the following link, for example, "da14531-ed-wlcsp-boost_vA_376-37-A.brd". When I tried to open it, the system shows "line 1, column 1: Start tag expected.". I tried to open all of the examples with different versions of EAGLE but I couldn't. 

I would appreciate it if you help me to overcome this problem.


SUOTA Failing

Wed, 2021-01-20 11:55 -- flaby

Hello Dialog,


I am not able to do SUOTA on DA145xx Pro Development Kit. 

While downloading image from Android Mobile, I am getting an error, "Invalid Product Header"

Is anyone aware of this problem?

From the tutorial, the product header size is 64 bytes. 

But after loading the multipart image file in SmartSnippet Toolbox, I am not able to see 64 bytes of product header in that. It shows only 24 bytes of product header.

Is this the reason for failing SUOTA? 



Fixed Frequency Output without DTM Firmware

Fri, 2021-01-15 16:08 -- mbwjr12

Hi Dialog,

Is there an example to simply configure the device for fixed frequency output? My certification house is requesting that I provide samples that output at low, medium, and high frequencies without requiring software configuration like with SmartSnippets Toolbox.

I suppose I could hack up the prod_test firmware, but I was looking for something more straightforward.




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