SDK5 now released ! Complete new SDK...

Wed, 2015-08-26 18:14 -- JE_Dialog

Easier to use.Cleaner.Improved APIs,Separation between communication code & applicaiton code... SDK 5 is now here & available ! thanks to everyone who provided feedback....

Documentation now online ! full software develoment guide + platform reference guide


Simplicity v5 GBL generation

Fri, 2021-03-12 06:36 -- juliediane

Hi Guys.
I am using a BRD4001A Starter kit with a BRD4308A module, using Simplicity v5 and SDK 3.1.1.

I am trying to generate the GBL files for a soc_btmesh_light example using the "create_bl_files.bat" provided, but the application GBL is not being generated > ERROR: No data in application image (Apploader. GBL and full. GBL are generated)

When I flash this same example it works fine, with Gecko bootloader (generated using "bootloader-storage-internal-single" example project).

Voltage of I2C

Wed, 2021-03-03 12:37 -- Rafaela Freitas

Hello forum, 

I am new here, and it is my first project using a Dialog component. I am using the model  SLG46826, but we will not be able to program the chip and then solder it to the PCB.

Searching, I found the In-circuit programming device (still not sure about its part numer, if it is SLG4DVKGSD or SLG4DVKISP), and important information such as it´s connection and voltage for the I2C. It would help a lot if I had in hands its datasheet. 

See.. I am worried because my main MCU it's connected also to the I2C, and it will damage when voltage is more than 3.6V.


Wed, 2021-02-24 10:13 -- luozhu

DA14580作为从设备和安卓手机通信,连接间隔为7.5ms,mtu为23。手机用write without response方式发送数据,进入发送回调函数表示数据已经发送完成,此时在回调函数里继续发送下一包数据,按理说手机端这样发送速度已经很快了,但是测试发现DA14580仍然是7.5ms左右才收到一包,即一个连接事件收到一包数据。我看你们官方文档里说的7.5ms内最多能收/发7包,我这里怎么连2包都达不到呢?是需要怎么配置吗?


Wed, 2021-02-24 10:02 -- google

新人求助! IDE及SDK安装OK,并且编译SDK内部例程可以通过(SDK_10.0.10.118\projects\dk_apps\demos\pxp_reporter),但从官网下周产品例程编译错误(Software Applications & Examples: Bluetooth),错误为: fatal error: bsp_memory_layout.h: No such file or directory, 比较SDK和官网例程代码,官网代码内会包含该文件,但并未拥有该文件并且SDK内也无该文件。该如何解决??? 

DA7218 HP no sound

Sun, 2021-02-21 15:05 -- Jack Lin

We are using STM32F412RET with DA7218.
STM32F412RET  output 19.2MHz to DA7218 MCLK.
1)Set MIC1_P single-ended input and the signal come from MIC input.
2)Now the I2S DATA of DA7218 has signal output.
3)But the HP_L and HP_R no sound,it always low level.

The sch and the register setting file is attached.

pls help check something wrong. Any guidance would be appreciated.

My E-mail is lyp238@qq.com

Thank you!


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