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刚刚接触 PAN1740A 蓝牙模块,    PAN1740A 的MCU使用 DA14585 。



"During development mode phase application code is developed using the ARM Cortex-M0 SW environment. The compiled code is downloaded into the System RAM or any retention RAMs by means of SWD (JTAG) or any serial interface (e.g. UART). Address 0x00 is remapped to the physical memory that contains the code and the CPU is configured to reset and execute code from the remapped device. This mode enables application development, debugging and on-the-fly testing."

Script for DA7219 EVK Module

Fri, 2021-01-08 11:20 -- divyesh


    I am using DA7219 performance board for the codec. I am unable to playback using DA7219 GUI. I would like to verify USB Playback, For this, I followed this document DA7219 Readme and Quick Start.pdf. As per the document, the script is required. But when I installed GUI, I am not getting any type of script. Can you please provide me the playback supported script??




In Peripheral Mode handle GATT Errors ?.

Thu, 2021-01-07 14:45 -- jackyjoy123



we worked to DA14585 with peripheral mode. We use ble_app_peripheral_example in SDK. In the example we deleted service-2, service-3 and excluded DISS. We habe only 1 service and  1 characterictic with PERM(WR, ENABLE) | PERM(WRITE_REQ, ENABLE). 

Our service definition like that

const struct attm_desc_128 custs1_att_db[CUSTS1_IDX_NB] =
     * Service 1 configuration


Tue, 2021-01-05 09:58 -- omesa

at first I wish all a better New year as the last one.
I have the following problem :
My application is a ultra low power sensor. When my Adroid App is connected to the device, I have to change the connection parameters as quick as possible to save energy, because I get every 10s a new data.
In a special measurement procedure, I will get every 1 s a new data.
So, I have to changed the connection parameters from time to time.
This is working like expected.
But in my DA14580 code, I want to be sure, that the new connection parameters are excepted by the the master ( Adroid App ) or not. If the connection parameters are not right, I have to disconnect the communication.

My project is based on the " ble_app_sleepmode project "

So my first idea was to catch the following message in the "user_catch_rest_hndl()".

// Cast the void pointer to the appropriate message structure
struct gapc_param_updated_ind const *msg_param = (struct gapc_param_updated_ind const *)(param);

// Check if updated Conn Params filled to preffered ones
if ((msg_param->con_interval >= user_connection_param_conf.intv_min) &&
(msg_param->con_interval <= user_connection_param_conf.intv_max) &&
(msg_param->con_latency == user_connection_param_conf.latency) &&
(msg_param->sup_to == user_connection_param_conf.time_out))
// my code app_easy_gap_disconnect(app_env[0].conidx); // Send disconnect command
} break;

But the variables msg_param->con_interval , msg_param->con_latency , msg_param->sup_to have always the same value.

My second idea was to catch the following message GAPC_PARAM_UPDATE_CFM // Master confirm or not that parameters proposed by slave are accepted or not
But without success.

Maybe it is the wrong place to catch this message in the "user_catch_rest_hndl()" or Android did not send this message.

The third and last idea is to read the actual connection parameters direct, but where are they ?

Thanks in advance

with best regards

Quadrature Encoder Interface Current Consumption

Wed, 2020-12-30 22:38 -- MikeN


I need a micropower quadrature encoder interface for a battery powered application.  I noticed you offer a QEI as AN-CM-277.  Can you tell me the practical current consumption of this device while it receives a 1 kHz quadrature signal with everything running on 3.3V rails?  Better yet, what is the current over a range of input frequencies?

Thank you,



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