DA9062, DA9063 programming under Linux

Wed, 2020-12-02 10:36 -- wmkamp


In our test equipment for the i.MX6 boards with DA906x we use the Linux operating system.

Unfortunately the programming software for the DA9063 and DA9062 from Dialog requires the Windows operating system.

Are there any programming software flowcharts or software sources enabling us to write a command line tool for Linux?

Of course we would share the results.


Kind regards,

Wolfgang Kamp


interrupt configuration

Mon, 2020-11-30 08:54 -- Thanhtu131

Hi, I'm making some modification in example project ble_sleepmode. In the active session, i want to configurate P1_1 as an external interrupt source for 15 second; then the system will go to deepsleep mode. I want the system is only waken up by P1_1, i'll use wkupct_quadec driver before the system go to sleep.

For an normal interrupt, i'll use two functions: GPIO_EnableIRQ(), GPIO_RegisterCallback()

For external wake up only, i'll use 3 function : wkupct_register_callback(), wkupct_enable_irq(), wkupct_disable_irq()

Learn how to Implement Simple Tracking ADC based on the Unique Analog Blocks within the SLG47004

Fri, 2020-11-27 09:52 -- Olga Levenets

Check out a new app note below that describes the implementation of a simple tracking ADC based on digital rheostats of the SLG47004. No external components and no special tuning procedure are required for the proposed ADC structure. Also, the circuit has much better PSRR and temperature drift than a capacitor based counter type ADC. The proposed ADC can be used for monitoring slow-changing signals like temperature, battery voltage, and others:


Check out a New GreenPAK Design of Wheatstone Bridge Sensors

Fri, 2020-11-27 09:40 -- Olga Levenets

Check out a new app note below that describes the design procedure for Wheatstone bridge sensors. A unique AutoTrim feature of the SLG47004 is used to achieve the best precision of this analog interface. The application note contains a complete schematic of an analog front-end for a low-cost pressure sensor:


Check out a New Design of Analog Front End for a Heart Rate Monitor

Fri, 2020-11-27 09:31 -- Olga Levenets

Check out a new app note below that describes the design procedure of an analog front end for a heart rate monitor. The circuit utilizes a commonly used technique of measuring the green light reflected from skin. A unique Auto-Trim feature of the SLG47004 allows achieving stable circuit operation in various conditions. The application note also contains test results of a hardware prototype:



Fri, 2020-11-27 07:47 -- comprends



const static sleep_state_t app_default_sleep_mode = ARCH_EXT_SLEEP_ON;  



void user_app_adv_start(void)
    // Schedule the next advertising data update
    app_adv_data_update_timer_used = app_easy_timer(APP_ADV_DATA_UPDATE_TO, adv_data_update_timer_cb);  //定时器60sec后停止广播

    struct gapm_start_advertise_cmd* cmd;
    cmd = app_easy_gap_undirected_advertise_get_active();


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