3.3V supply buck3 behaviour for preconfigured da9062-10Am1

Wed, 2020-11-25 11:57 -- Uveys

Dear Sir/Madam,

We use da9062-10Am1 in our design with Vsys=3V3. I wonder how buck3 output behaves without changing any register content with I2C. Since Buck3 _max=VDD-0.6 I guess output would be 2.6V. Is this correct? Since I do not have any evaluation board I cannot try this. 

Kind Regards,  

Codeless DA14580 stops advertising after 10s

Fri, 2020-11-20 23:14 -- marios

Hello Dialog support !

We have flashed  Codeless DA14580 on our custom board and after boot time the sytem is advertising it's Device name for about 10 seconds on that period of time the system works fine 

We want to have the system on active mode. I have flashed also on Dialogs Dev kit basic and works fine the system it;s not going on sleep .


Thanks in advance,



Impossible to buy programmed component with a .gp6 project

Thu, 2020-11-19 17:03 -- tcachat

I have a GreenPAK Designer project saved as a .gp6 file, and I want to buy programmed component from your web site. I clic on "Design upload (.gp1, .gp2, .gp3, .gp4, .gp5 or .gp6 file format)", then "ADD TO CART", and I get the error message:

"Error: File type not allowed. - gp1,gp2,gpp,gp3,gp4,gp5".

Step to reproduce:


i2c strange error

Wed, 2020-11-18 20:30 -- Thanhtu131

Hi, i'm facing a very strange error with i2c devices. I use eeprom AT24C02 and realtime counter DS3231. Since they have the same i2c configuration(adress mode, word addres size,), i don't have to develope library for ds3231. i'm trying to read 7 bytes from AT24C02 and DS3231. in the i2c eeprom example(non BLE) i can read successfully. But in the ble_sleepmode example, in the callback function user_app_init(), i put some line of code to read 7 bytes from AT24C02 and DS3231.

Reading more fields from Device unique ID?..

Tue, 2020-11-17 12:40 -- alexsunny123



I want to allocate a 8-bytes unique-id to each OTP that I burn, in addition to the MAC address (broadcasting address).
In the Smart Snippets, under OTP Header, there are many fields called "Device unique ID", where the first two are used for the 6 bytes broadcasting address.

How do I read these fields in the program?
In nvds.c I found the code that reads the OTP broadcasting address.

void nvds_read_bdaddr_from_otp()

Role switch Peripheral to Central

Mon, 2020-11-16 19:48 -- marios

Hello Dialog Support !

We want to implement a role swap on DA14580:

When system boots starts on adverising mode: GAP_PERIPHERAL_SLV to be conectable from mobile devices when it's gets the data from mobile device  we do a

cmd->operation = GAPM_RESET;
to the stack and set the device role  cmd->role = GAP_CENTRAL_MST; 

then a conection establised to the second sps_device and data transfered after that device 1 switch back to GAP_PERIPHERAL_SLV to advertise and waits again for conection.

Change advertisement data on the fly

Wed, 2020-11-04 22:22 -- ant777222

I am using Codeless example for development. I have a function in user_cmd_interpreter that parses UART for 'SN' and will change the local name to something in the form SN123456 for example. The problem I am having is that I have to connect, disconnect and reconnect for the name to update. I have tried calling user_advertise(), but that does not work. I have read that app_easy_gap_update_adv_data() needs to be called. I have searched for that function and I can not find it in the ble_app_barebone files.


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