Creating a New Custom Service

Thu, 2019-03-14 09:42 -- Utkarash

Hello All,

I am using a BLE peripheral example as a reference for developing my code.

I wanted to add a new Custom service in the same example and refering the documents and the code of BLE peripheral i Created  new files for new custom service with different UUID's and name as  user_cust2_svc.c and user_cust2_svc.h which replicated same  as user_cust1_def.c and user_cust1_def.h .

I was able to build Code sucessfully but when check in BLE scanner i m not able to find my newly created Custom service.

藍芽連線後2秒 又斷開 連線問題

Tue, 2019-03-05 02:38 -- zioen

您好 , 我想請問 有關藍芽連線問題.
要麻煩您參照連結內的Log 記錄檔.

上傳有限定檔案為PDF類型 , 我已將zip檔改為PDF副檔名.
麻煩下載後請再 更正 , 謝謝

藍芽網卡 :0xfc2911230317
軟體 : ComProbe Protocol Analysis System

韌體上有設定閒置5分鐘後 藍芽會自動斷線 , 並再擺放約10分鐘後 測試連線是否正常.

下午3點59分28秒 為第一次連線, 並開始斷線15分鐘.

1. 時間3/4 下午4點16分33秒 後連線(第二次). 接著又在下午4點16分37秒 再度連線 (第三次)
在短時間突然斷開又連線 , 無法看到斷線原因 .

da14583 data convert

Mon, 2019-03-04 12:31 -- channing

I have a problem with da14583 iot sensor, I have received 14583 data but I don't know how to convert it to real data. i get data like this bytearray(b'\x02\x02\x03\xf9\xff\x00\x00\x02\x00')
i know the last 6 data are x y z sensor data so x=\xf9\xff y=x00\x00 z=x02\x00 What method can be used to convert to real data? it look like int16 ? thanks

Alter main.c file

Tue, 2019-02-26 03:28 -- Rajapurerohit

Hello all,

I am working on project using SDK 5.0.4 and for my project i need to follow the state machine where, mode of operation switch from one state to another state and that switching of mode/ state i want to keep in while(1) loop along with other BLE activities and check every time the state before move to next state.

Can any one help me, how can i proceed with logic execution as per my requirement and also can change the arch_main.c ?
If i change main file then will it be affect to my entire SDK ?

Urgently need help to proceed further Please.


Fri, 2019-02-22 07:41 -- leognha

想問此藍芽裝置是否能夠直接連接我的個人電腦,並且不透過手機或者開發版就能透過藍芽讀取到裡面的raw data,能的話我想請問該如何實施?
還有個人電腦是否能夠同時藍芽連接複數以上的DA14583並且同時接收他們的raw data?
我想透過直接接收到的raw data來做數據紀錄

麻煩你們了 謝謝

RF frequency control using SDK

Wed, 2019-02-20 06:41 -- nagendra81

Hi Dialog Team,

I am using the DA14583 chip for bluetooth application . normally bluetooth uses frequncy hopping method in transmitter stage.. how to disable hopping in sdk libarary?
I want to control enabling the specific one frequency to connect the app. Is it possible ? How do we select only one frequency in range?


关于DSPS5.150.2下载测试后FLASH 出错问题

Wed, 2019-01-23 09:09 -- wuyu

你好,第一次使用dailog 芯片 DA14583 ,使用 smartSnippets 把 官网的例程 DSPS5.150.2 /project/target/dsps/dsps_device 编译后输出的hex 文件下载到我的
DA14583 芯片FLASH里面。之后 再也不能和JLINK 连接了。
[ERROR General @19-01-23 17:04:59] Could not read memory address 0x5004020c with function JLINKARM_ReadMem
[ERROR General @19-01-23 17:04:59] No known chip found while opening JLink connection. Terminating proccess...
[ERROR SPI Flash @19-01-23 17:04:59] Failed downloading firmware file to the board.


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