Send manufacturer update data packets after wakeup

Thu, 2020-07-16 06:10 -- Rajapurerohit

Hi All,

I am working on the DA14583 sleep configuration.

For my custom code development, I have used a ble_app_peripheral SDK example and made required changes as per my requirement. Without sleep configuration and continuous advertising, my functionalities are prooven.

I have configured the device in extended sleep mode and wakeup using sensor pin signal low interrupt. For this, I have followed the ble_app_sleepmode SDK example for sleep configuration.

DA14583 data receiving problem

Sun, 2020-07-12 13:13 -- KE1

Hello all, 

I am using Dialog's DA14583 IOT Sensor Kit.

I tried to use the app "nRF connect" connecting with the semiconductor (the sensor equipment) by bluetooth.

How can I receive the data from the sensor into the mobile phone (IOS system)? All the values of characteristics are shown with N/A. I wish to receive the data updated constantly. 

I need to get the data from the sensor for further software debuggings. Besides, I also want to know the specific character function of each UUID.

Sleep Configuration for DA14583

Sat, 2020-07-11 08:49 -- Utkarash

Hello All,

I am using Dialog's DA14583 based Dev Kit with a I2C based capacitive proximity sensor with touch key.

My main application is to sense the proximity change (i.e., Touch detected) and based on this share few data bytes by updating advertising packet, this advertising packet is collected by the other device.

Power management

Sun, 2020-05-31 13:51 -- BenjaminDu

Hi Dialog,

My application is a DA14583 with a sensor, the sensor needs 3.3V and 10mA power supply  .

To save energy, I want the sensor can be powered off and powered on while the DA14583 is in connected state. namely, when DA14583 is connected, if I want the sensor to work, then I power it, if I don't want it to work, I power it off.

My question:

If the power supply is 3V for DA14583, can it control and supply the power of the sensor with 3.3V and 10mA while DA14583 is connected?




DA14583 OTA failed

Fri, 2020-05-22 11:31 -- GGQ_in


       Hello, after I define s with CFG_READ_BDADDR_FROM_DA14583_FLASH, I read it after burning with SmartSnippets according to the process, and the data displayed is exactly the same as the content to be burned by bin. There is no mistake in the process of converting the file. After I press reset, 583 ota failed.

       Is it a secondary boot file or procedure that needs to be modified?(I don't know why the buzzer will sound when the 583 module is powered on, but it will not sound when it is debugged.)



DA14583 OTA失败

Fri, 2020-05-22 10:05 -- GGQ_in

       你好,我定义了 __DA14583__ 和 CFG_READ_BDADDR_FROM_DA14583_FLASH 之后,按照流程用SmartSnippets烧录之后读取,显示的数据是bin要烧录的内容一模一样,转换文件的过程中也没错误,当我按了复位之后,583却没有成功。


Linker Map file for Firmware details

Thu, 2020-05-07 13:05 -- Utkarash

Hello All,

I have developed an application using ble_peripheral example as reference using the SDK 5.0.4.

Can you please help where would i get to view the below given details regarding my firmware which i have developed

1. Stack Used and Total Size

2. Data Storage Size

3. Firware Size.

Please help me with the steps so that i can view the details using Keil uVision Tool or help with location of map file where i get these details.

Thanks and Regards

DA14583 Timer0 with BLE

Fri, 2020-05-01 20:59 -- eslam snono

i have a customized PCB for DA14583. I am using example ble_app_peripheral. When i try to use timer0 to count specified seconds as in example timer0_general, the processor counts two seconds then hang. But when i use the timer0_general example stand alone, it counts with no problem. 

i have added the same function as in timer0_general to the ble_app_peripheral and i can't use timer0 for counting.

Any advice please.

how to enable application uses UART2 for logging with printf() ?

Sat, 2020-04-25 15:50 -- kuda


         I am new DA14683 user,I have a problem about "how to enable application uses UART2 for logging with printf() ?"

         I follow https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/sites/default/files/um-b-056-da1468... , and turn on smartsnippets terminal .        but the terminal only output DA14683BB.

        Can someone help me to solve this?



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