关于DSPS5.150.2下载测试后FLASH 出错问题

Wed, 2019-01-23 09:09 -- wuyu

你好,第一次使用dailog 芯片 DA14583 ,使用 smartSnippets 把 官网的例程 DSPS5.150.2 /project/target/dsps/dsps_device 编译后输出的hex 文件下载到我的
DA14583 芯片FLASH里面。之后 再也不能和JLINK 连接了。
[ERROR General @19-01-23 17:04:59] Could not read memory address 0x5004020c with function JLINKARM_ReadMem
[ERROR General @19-01-23 17:04:59] No known chip found while opening JLink connection. Terminating proccess...
[ERROR SPI Flash @19-01-23 17:04:59] Failed downloading firmware file to the board.

DA14583 Sensor Dongle Gyroscope data conversion using IoT application

Mon, 2019-01-21 12:47 -- vishnuatdialog

Hello Dialog,
Please clarify how you are converting the advertising gyroscope sensor data(0x010202FFFF0400F9FF) into the dps value and plotting the graphical view in IoT Sensors application. I have tried to decode it but I couldn't able to understand. Please help out this we are developing an application using these gyroscope values. If possible please share the coding part using the application.

Thank you

Reducing bootup time of application

Sat, 2019-01-05 17:25 -- idarshan

I am working on a device having DA14583. DA14583 gets power when one GPIO based button is pressed. On Bootup DA14583 needs to measure the press time of the same GPIO which was used to start the DA14583. To make the time measurement accurate, I want the application faster.

Right now, first bootloader starts, then it loads the application, resets the DA14583 and then the application execution starts. This takes around 440 milliseconds of time to boot the application.

Is there anyway to measure the accurate time for which the GPIO was pressed by booting application faster?

DA14583 IOT Sensor Dongle current consumption when in sleep mode

Fri, 2019-01-04 16:00 -- vishnuatdialog

Hello Dialog,
Whenever there is a change in the position or tilt of IoT sensor module, it wakes up from the sleep mode to active mode and transfer the sensor data. As I know there is interrupt generating from the acceloremeter when we change the position or tilt it , that wakes up the microcontroller from sleep mode. Is it correct?


Wed, 2018-12-19 12:59 -- Rajapurerohit


I am using BLE Peripheral example code from the above mentioned SDK, where the device is Connection Based Beacon which exchanges data using characteristics and also in the form of advertising data.

I receive around 200 bytes of data under connection based Mode on the characteristics which i was storing locally,

Now I want to store this data on Flash so that i can regain (Recover) this data after re powering (i.e., Powering Off the device and then again Powering On the Device) the device


Tue, 2018-12-18 06:38 -- Rajapurerohit

Hello Dialog_Support,

I am working on flash read / write using Dialog dev kit with DA14583 mcu. I am using ble_peripheral example as a reference and making necessary changes to read/ write the flash.

1. I changed to ble_peripheral_583: code always stuck in nmi_handler saying, pins not reserved. Even though pins are reserved.
2. then i selected ble_peripheral_580 : code run but within a second it entering to wrap_platform_reset error state .

How to change target BT address (DA1458x DSPS host example)

Thu, 2018-12-13 00:29 -- Jiman Kim

I'm trying to make BLE dongle with DA14583 using DA1458x_DSPS_v_5.150.2

One of the specifications of my dongle is "Can change target BT device(slave device) during operation"

I could assign target BT address by modifying
void user_on_adv_report_ind(struct gapm_adv_report_ind const * param) in user_sps_host.c
I changed this function to accept specific BT address (newly made global variable)
I also could chage this global variable via uart (I confirmed the global variable changed)


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