DA14683 Power Supply

Wed, 2019-08-21 15:42 -- Vijay


We have built boards based on DA14683 chip. The boards are yet to be programmed.

I see that there is no voltage seen on "VDD1V8P" rail on some boards, on a very few boards it is about 2.6V and on most of the boards, it is 1.8V. Rest of the supplies V33, VDD1V8, V12, V14 are measuring accurate on all boards. We have 2 sensor chips and 1 RTC chip on the VDD1V8P rail.

The board hardly draws any current. Can I know what is happening to this rail? How to fix it?




How to adjust the Bluetooth transmit output power

Wed, 2019-08-21 10:28 -- 魏文彬


I use DA14682 chip,and i use DA1468x_DSPS_v_1.160.2 SDK

help me please~

The document(DA14682_BA_FS.book) is say : 0 dBm transmit output power  and -94 dBm receiver sensitivity (BLE)

How do I set the Bluetooth transmit power in the program?

I didn't find any function in the SDK to set the transmit output power.

I want to increase the Bluetooth transmit power to use it at a greater distance.

How can we send negative value via BLE?

Tue, 2019-08-20 12:36 -- mahmed106

Hi dialog

I am working on custom board based on DA14681 and sdk is
In file ble_gatts.c all functions are taking input as uint16_t .
My questions is if i want to send data of negative value like int8 or int16. How can i send that? Because ble_gatts.c is an sdk file which i dont want to change.



Here is the all file


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