RetRAM0 overflow

Fri, 2020-04-03 18:06 -- Dieter Falk


I am using the DA14683 device on the eval-board with the actual SDK and tools.

It seem that I have a problem with the memory layout, that the compiler tells me to run out of memory, when requiring more then 32 KByte RAM. The following will be show:
App.elf section `RETENTION_RAM0' will not fit in region `RetRAM0'
RetRAM0' overflowed by 32 bytes

The following is my actual configuration (from custom_config_qspi.h)

crypto_hmac_sha256 not working

Wed, 2020-03-11 10:07 -- Thomas Donhauser

Hello Support!

The code as shown in documentation does not work. 

uint8_t txt[] = "what do ya want for nothing?"
uint8_t key[] = "Jefe"
uint8_t hmac[32];
crypto_hmac_ctx_t hmac_status = crypto_hmac_sha256(txt, 28, key, 4, hmac, CRYPTO_HMAC_NO_OPTION, 100);
if (hmac_status == -1) {
     // Failed to acquire the AES/HASH engine within 100 ticks
} else {
     // Everything is fine

Execution stops on line 64 in crypto_hmac.c at ad_crypto_acquire_aes_hash(timeout).


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