BLE Encrypted Connection

Sat, 2020-04-11 10:54 -- Thomas Donhauser


I have difficulties to determine if my peripheral BLE connection ist encrypted or not.  In my device configuration this value

service_config.sec_level = GAP_SEC_LEVEL_1

is set. I'm using GAP_SEC_LEVEL_1 to ease the connection and pairing.  This is done by the corresponding apps for iOS and Android. Also in the configuration 

#define dg_configBLE_SECURE_CONNECTIONS          (1)

is set. All I want to know is if the BLE-Communication is encrypted (LE Secure Connections) with my configuration or not.

SmartSnippets Studion Release Version ?

Fri, 2020-04-10 18:21 -- Dieter Falk

Hello, your acutal (10. Apr. 2020) Website shows the following Version for SmartSnippets: V1.6.3

I think is is an old version, because I already downloaded V2.0.20.1468 in October 2019.

I assume this was a mistake or was this downgrade done on purpose?



Development Tools


SmartSnippets Studio Release Notes

plug in usb, but system is not work

Thu, 2020-04-09 04:12 -- Ryon


when the battery reaches down to a certain point the device will go to hibernate mode.

when the device go to hibernate mode , i plug in the USB(VBUS),but the device did not seem to work.

 as soon as voltage is detected over the VBUS, the device will switch the supply from the VBAT to the VBUS.

why the device was not work?

DA14680 restart itself after pm_set_sleep_mode(pm_mode_hibernation)

Tue, 2020-04-07 03:22 -- huiui



I have found sometime DA14680 will restart itself after pm_set_sleep_mode(pm_mode_hibernation). The way I implement it is that there is a button on the board, and if button is clicked, it will run pm_set_sleep_mode(pm_mode_hibernation).

I am using a cunstom board. Strangly whether or not DA14680 will retart itself dpendens on situations, as summarized below.


DA14680 enter hibernation and not restart cases:

--Afer suota_initial_flash_jtag_win program . In this case, after  click button, it will stay in hibernate mode.

RetRAM0 overflow

Fri, 2020-04-03 18:06 -- Dieter Falk


I am using the DA14683 device on the eval-board with the actual SDK and tools.

It seem that I have a problem with the memory layout, that the compiler tells me to run out of memory, when requiring more then 32 KByte RAM. The following will be show:
App.elf section `RETENTION_RAM0' will not fit in region `RetRAM0'
RetRAM0' overflowed by 32 bytes

The following is my actual configuration (from custom_config_qspi.h)


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