crypto_hmac_sha256 not working

Wed, 2020-03-11 10:07 -- Thomas Donhauser

Hello Support!

The code as shown in documentation does not work. 

uint8_t txt[] = "what do ya want for nothing?"
uint8_t key[] = "Jefe"
uint8_t hmac[32];
crypto_hmac_ctx_t hmac_status = crypto_hmac_sha256(txt, 28, key, 4, hmac, CRYPTO_HMAC_NO_OPTION, 100);
if (hmac_status == -1) {
     // Failed to acquire the AES/HASH engine within 100 ticks
} else {
     // Everything is fine

Execution stops on line 64 in crypto_hmac.c at ad_crypto_acquire_aes_hash(timeout).

how to change partition table and updating FW via suota?

Tue, 2020-03-10 05:08 -- nigelyang

hi Dialog,

    My old and new firmware have different partition tables. How to change partition table and updating firmware via suota because my product has been shipped to customer site.

   I cannot update code with diffrent partition table by wired method.

    thanks for your help



Fri, 2020-03-06 07:01 -- nigelyang

hi Dialog,

    my code size(with suota) is around 320 Kbytes, and I failed to do suota everytime. I found   SUOTA_MAX_IMAGE_SIZE is set as (236 * 1024).  Could I change the parameter ?  and should other related parammeters set together?  dose it have limitation? 

   thanks  for your help



Secure Boot Loader Test

Thu, 2020-02-27 07:44 -- Thomas Donhauser


I need to test my secure boot loader before it is flashed to the OTP. Therefor I have 3 questions:

1) What ist the best way to test the boot loader itself ? Right now I'm doing it by starting it in RAM by SS-Studio. But not sure if this is right or wrong?

2) How to write ONLY  the the Keys into OTP? Can I do this with cli_programmer? And is yes  - how? 

3) How to not disable JTAG on my devel USB-Kit, even when the secure boot loader is flashed to OTP.

Does SPS Application support SDK1.0.14.1081?

Wed, 2020-02-19 10:16 -- mahmed106

Hi i have wrote my firmware on sdk and i m using DA14681.

I want to use Serial port service in my project which is based on SDk 1.0.14.

The document "um-b-084_da1468x_serial_port_service_reference_application_v1.1" says in page # 10 that "The SPS reference application is developed based on DA1468x SDK 1.0.12 with minor modifications."

So i have 2 questions?
1 - Will this SPS will work for SDK 1.0.14?

2 - What is the meaning of patched sdk files? ( The patched SDK files are: hw_uart.h, ad_uart.h, ad_uart.c, sps.h and sps.c.



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