SPI latency

Wed, 2020-02-12 16:18 -- matthieuW

We have implemented dialog DA14681 on a custom board operating as a slave device.

Our system main purpose is to drive a peripheral through SPI when receiving commands through BLE SPS or USB CDC

We implemented the spi adapter and manly use the SDK ad_write_function.

We have different problems :

- when we send multiple SPI write commands, some are incompletes. We have a use case where we need to send 256 times  a 152 bytes data message(all 0xFF for instance), some of the data messages are randomly not complete as below :

USB CDC Device Descriptor SubClass is set wrong

Wed, 2020-02-12 15:21 -- JPetersen

When using the USB cdc there USB_CDC.h have the following config defaults:

#define CDC_USB_CLASS     2         // 2: Communication Device Class

#define CDC_USB_SUBCLASS  0x00      //

#define CDC_USB_PROTOCOL  0x00      //

But they are not used, when sniffing the usb connection the Device Descriptor package looks like this: 12 01 00 02 02 02 00 08 CF 2D 02 60 00 01 01 02 03 01 translated to:

12                        Length

01                        Device Descriptors

usb_cdc example debugging

Sun, 2020-02-09 14:13 -- Dieter Falk


the usb_cdc example is running on my DA14683DEVKT-P Pro eval Board. The serial device is recognized by my Win10 PC and I can use it with a terminal program. This is true when the firmware runs by itself.

As soon as I want to connet the debugger and start from main (without any breakpoints), it is not recognized by my PC. Even if disconnecting and connecting the USB1 plug.

What could be the reason for this behavior, and what could be a possible solution?

Best regards 


Solder sensors to da14681 board

Sat, 2020-02-01 09:03 -- MassimoDeFacci

For a university study I'm trying to create a wearable device that gets some data from some sensors and send them to another device using BLE. I am using the DA14681 board (I don't know wich package, in the box it's written "DA14681-01DKWEAR") and I alredy wrote the program. Now I just need to solder the sensors to the board, but I can't seem to find the correspondance between the pins.

We alredy looked at the materials provided in this question:

LMP response timeout

Mon, 2020-01-27 17:19 -- matthieuW

Hi dialog,

I implemented a da14681 with SD1.0.14 on a custom board.

I developped my application from the ble peripheral project, my application working as a ble slave.

Our use case in a smartphone application connecting to the DA, which send a few commands (10 per second max), and then i send command over spi to a peripheral.

I recently encountered a disconnection problem.

This disconnection appears randomly after a certain time of connection, can be 10min or 2h.

Uart Adapter Async

Tue, 2020-01-21 20:07 -- Dieter Falk

Looking at the code in ad_uart.c I can see the following:

void ad_uart_write_async(uart_device dev, const char *wbuf, size_t wlen, ad_uart_user_cb cb,
                                                                                void *user_data)
        uart_device_config *device = (uart_device_config *) dev;
        uart_bus_dynamic_data *data = device->bus_data;

Download required for SmartSnippets Studio v1.6.3

Mon, 2020-01-20 12:44 -- tbayley

I am returning to an old project that was build using SmartSnippets Studio v1.6.3 and DA1468x SDK v1.0.12.1078.  How can I obtain the Linux installer package for SmartSnippets Studio v1.6.3?  I cannot find it on the Dialog Semiconductor website.

I have spent a few days trying to build the project with the current version of SmartSnippets Studio (v2.0.10) but have encountered several problems, so want to use the toolchain with which the project/workspace was originally built.

Relocate flash data from one partition to another.

Sun, 2020-01-19 05:43 -- nigelyang

hi Dialog,

    If I want to move a section data from one partition to another partition in flash, is there any more effective way to do that ? if using the funstions in ad_nvms.c, I have to open one partittion and read in ram buffer, then open another one and write from ram buffer. It seems not straightforward.   I believe that it is smiliar with suota case, move data from NVMS_FW_UPDATE_PART partition to NVMS_FW_EXEC_PART partition.

 thanks for your help.

ADC from 0 to 840 only

Thu, 2020-01-16 16:43 -- MassimoDeFacci

Good evening,

We've been working with the GPADC in the DA14681 board, and we found out that, in a range from 0 to 3.6V, the value we get is only up to 840, when we know that the board's ADC is a 10 bit converter chip. We'd like to know the reason for which this happens. Thank you in advance.

Ps: we are using the sdk version 1.160.2 from this page: https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/dialog-serial-port-service...


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