DA14682 LED1/2/3 pins

Sun, 2019-12-15 19:20 -- marss

- Is there anywhere more documentation for LED1/2/3 than datasheet table 685/843/844?
- DA14683_USB_KIT_VC shows 3 LEDs connected to LED1/2/3 and VBUS without any ballast resistor or any current-limiting or voltage-limiting external components. So LED1/2/3 are constant-current sinks controlled by the duty cycle of the PWM? For example, a constant current of 20mA (typ, max is 21mA) at duty cycle 100% and e.g. 2mA at duty cycle 10%?
- What means "after trimming" in Table 843
- Unrelated to LED1/2/3: is 14682 really not available in a WLCSP like DA14683?

what to do to stop BLE activity?

Fri, 2019-12-13 03:14 -- Ryon


hello Dialog,

i need to completely stop BLE activity before pressing a button.

currently i use the BLE stop advertising API to stop advertising(why stop the advertising the power consumption is more than start advertising?),do i need to stop anything else in BLE?

I want to enable and disable the BLE function by pressing a button.so what should I do ?





how to determine if the UUID in the broadcast report is the required UUID

Fri, 2019-12-13 02:44 -- Ryon



i used the application of ble_central.so it can connect the slave device.but before connecting, i want to determine if the UUID in the broadcast is the the required UUID.

if the UUID is not  what i want,they can not connect each other,so i need a API function that can compare the UUID in the broadcast with the UUID i set

does the SDK have this API function?


DA14681 Wearable Development Kit

Tue, 2019-12-03 21:07 -- dtm165

hi Dialog - do you have any detailed information about the implementation of NFC on this device? In the software manual I see "The Wearable DK integrates an NFC module.." and in the hardware manual I see "The NFC module used in this reference design is the LA66002 from Infineon and is suitable to implement the following modes..". I am looking for how this is implemented and if there are options to control module access such as toggling between read-only and read-write based on detected events. Thank you.

DA1468x - External Battery Charger (1A)

Mon, 2019-12-02 15:13 -- bobspam@free.fr



The battery charger provided by the DA1468x is too slow for my application and I would like to check with you if I can use an external charger while keeping the USB features of the DA1468x.

- Main idea is to use MCP73830 1A that uses 2 GPIOs : enable / status

- This would imply to use the dg_configUSE_USB_CHARGER (0) flag to avoid enabling internal charger and to manually drive gpios to allow enabling the charger


How to create configuration of the SUOTA

Mon, 2019-12-02 03:32 -- Ryon



i dont know how to create configuration of the SUOTA in project of ble_peripheral.

as far as i understand, the project of pxp_reporter has function of SUOTA.but i dont know how to configure in project of ble_peripheral.

i had read the PDF of um-b-056-da1468x_software_developers_guide_6v0,but it only introduces how to make .img file.

and  i dont know which items or configuration should be added in project of ble_peripheral.

Please suggest what should I do to let my project has function of SUOTA.


DA1468x Extended Sleep - UART_RX_CIRCULAR_DMA

Tue, 2019-11-26 16:07 -- bobspam@free.fr



DA1468x / latest BSP.


I am facing a bug while putting my system into extended sleep.

The function ad_uart_read, if called at the same moment than the system is switched to extended_sleep mode, sends the entire circular buffer. After wake-up new calls to ad_uart_read does not succeed and return no chars while they can be seen on the hardware bus.


I tried to switch back to SOFTWARE FIFO using the exact same code and the behavior is OK.


Good luck !


Best Regards


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