DA14683 USB KIT: LEDs On/Off and Switch Buttons

Mon, 2019-11-18 05:24 -- Thomas Donhauser


I'm evaluating with the DA14683 USB KIT and like to know 

1) How to switch on and off the General purpose White and Red LED.

2) How to trigger when pressing one of the both General purpose Switches.

I've looked through the SDK but could't find any example that shows up how it could work. I'm still not sure if that's even possible, because I found no clear advices that the USB-Kit is supported this way.

Thank you,


How to make code size less than 64KB

Mon, 2019-11-18 03:47 -- Ryon


When I compiled the demo of ble_peripheral,the Eclipse to show me the code size as follows:

   text       data        bss        dec        hex    filename
  82408         96      24552     107056      1a230    ble_peripheral.elf

As far as I know ,the ‘text’ is what ends up typically in FLASH and has code and constant data.So the code size is 80KB( 82408 = 80.47KB)

But the OTP of DA14683 is only 64KB( 64KB < 80KB).

If I want to burn the code to the OTP of DA14683, can you do anything to compress this code size to less than 64KB?

ble_peripheral crash constantly

Sun, 2019-11-17 16:02 -- Thomas Donhauser


The sample project ble_peripheral crashes constantly after a few seconds and I have no idea why. I'm testing with the da14683-USB-Kit to evaluate the SOC. It stops in main() as expected. After pressing F8 to continue it stops with

Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.

0x00000000 in ?? ()

In the source window it shows a new tab named 0x0 with the comment: No source available for "0x0" . If I press the button „View Disassembly“ it shows nothing. 

DA1468X Extended Sleep - Breath Timer and LED

Thu, 2019-11-14 16:43 -- bobspam@free.fr



I am willing to put my device into extended sleep thanks to idle task of free_rtos. Up to now I am facing some issues.

My code is based on sample code from Dialog. The system is booting, freertos is starting, tasks are being loaded properly.

I am running a loop in the main task where I do blink a led to check that the system is alive and execute a 1 sec sleep.

I can trace the system until WFI is being executed properly. At that time breath timer is switched-off and led shut down.

At the exit of the WFI, breath timer does not wake-up.

Why it cannot wake up from hibernation if after a long time?

Mon, 2019-11-11 20:57 -- yingfen

Hi dialog,

Our chip is 14682. We are using a GPIO pin to wake up the chip from hibernation. To save power, we set the wake-up pin as input(not as other demos, set it as input_pullup). 

Our setting:

During initialization:
hw_wkup_configure_pin(WKUP_PORT, WKUP_PIN, 1, HW_WKUP_PIN_STATE_HIGH);

How to reduce the power consumption when the device as a central that scan for a device

Mon, 2019-11-11 07:45 -- Ryon


I used the demo of ble_multi_link to develop.

when I used the function of ble_gap_connect() to initiate a direct connection to a device( not connected,only scan for the device ),I found that the power consumption was so high,about 1mA.

So i want to know the power consumption is correct or not correct.if not ,please suggest what should I do to reduce the power consumption.



Sleep current in hibernate

Fri, 2019-11-08 15:06 -- point85



I have been doing some testing with the hibernation function on the DA14682 and the DA14681.


I have been using the ble-adv example as specified in the power measurement document. I have changed the sleep mode to "pm_mode_hibernation".


I am measuring a current of around 192uA when the device is in hibernate on a DA14681 basic dev kit.


On our production PCB with a DA14682 I am measuring a sleep current of about 200uA.


It appears to me that something isn't going to sleep fully, the flash maybe? Any ideas?

How to get BD address from OTP ROM

Fri, 2019-11-08 08:25 -- nigelyang

hi Dialog

   if my code stored in QSPI flash, but I writed a BD address in OTP ROM by PLT, how to make ble stack use BD address in OTP ROM instead of the one in NVMS or defaultBLE_STATIC_ADDRESS?   Moreover, how to read the BD address from OTP ROM?  Is there any example code anout this case?



DA14683 USB Dev Kit QSPI Flash loading Error

Tue, 2019-11-05 13:41 -- Thomas Donhauser


I'm using the DA14683 USB-Development  Kit with SDK_1.0.14.1081. We currently evaluating BLE-SOCs for a new development. I personally like the DA14682/3 most. Also there is tons of information - unfortunately not often reflecting current versions. That makes it hard to distinguish between something that is worthwhile to read it or not...

I'm able to run the demo project freertos_retarget in RAM. Now I want to do the same from QSPI Flash but I'n not able to load the program into the QSPI-flash. I end up constantly with this error message:


Mon, 2019-11-04 03:39 -- roc0106



          在使用软件《SmartSnippets Studio》在用开发环境  jlink (jlink驱动是6.10a)下载时候提示:cannot open gdb interface,“SELECT THE DEVICE ON YOUR DEVELOPMENT BOARD” “Detect"设备连接不能成功。   

           用《SmartSnippets Toolbox》同一个jlink  对da14681设备连接能成功,并且能对其做下载操作。




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