RTC AB08X5 with custom board 14683

Fri, 2019-08-09 16:55 -- powersquare

Dear Dialog team,

Thank you for your support.

We have custom board made from DA14683. We are using SDK DA1468x_DA15xxx_SDK_1.0.14.1081. Our requireement is to read date and time from RTC chip AB08X5.

We are using RTC AB08X5 chip in this custom board. This RTC is used in DA14681 wearable kit.

We ported wrbl_rtc.c, ab08x5.c files from 14681 wearable kit to the custom board. This RTC chip is accessed by using I2C lines, address given is 0x69.

During porting, we removed ".threshold = 1," (line number 70) in wkup_config structure in ad_gpio_intr.c file.

DA14682  power consumption in sleep modes

Thu, 2019-08-01 21:35 -- paulliu99

We are designing a wearable device with DA14682 that will be active around 8 hours  per day and will not do anything during the other16 hours. I have several questions on low-power operation of DA14682.

1) During those 16h of inactivity, which mode saves more power? hibernation or deep sleep mode? For our case, we do not need to retain data.  How much current does DA14682 burn when waking up from hibernation? 

2) It seems deep sleep mode is not supported in SDK 1.0.14 any more. Should we use older SDK? What is the reason that deep sleep mode is not supported?

How to select the decoupling capacitor of DA14681 external flash?

Wed, 2019-07-31 10:43 -- song

In the reference design of Dialog, the decoupling capacitor specification of the external flash chip is 0.1uf 16V 10% X7R 0402, can it be changed to 0.1uf 10V 10% X7R 0201 or 0.1uf 16V 10% X5R 0201? 

The specification we use now is 0.1uf 6.3V 10% X5R 0201, and then the capacitor is damaged. What's the reason?


Question about nvms partitions

Mon, 2019-07-29 09:52 -- nigelyang

Hi Dialog,

    I would like to create a big size private partition in nvms, and shrink  the size of NVMS_PARAM_PART, NVMS_GENERIC_PART and NVMS_LOG_PART partitions. Actually, I do not understand the purpose of the three partitions very much, just only know NVMS_PARAM_PART is to store BLE related information , NVMS_GENERIC_PART to store bonding data, and NVMS_LOG_PART is to store logging events.   

1. Would you please tell me how much minimum space is to keep the BLE stack works normally ? Because these partitions seem to ocuppy too much space. 

Button press for 5 Sec to wakeup from sleep mode

Wed, 2019-07-17 06:24 -- powersquare

Dear Dialog team,

We need to detect long press button on DA14683 and we are using SDK We use K1 button for this operation.

We are able to detect 5 seconds operation using counter and make the system to go to sleep mode.

Now, we need to wakeup the system from sleep mode, when the button is pressed for 5 seconds. We are able to wakeup the system for normal press (like touch and release button).

Can you suggest any example code for this operation or can you suggest flow how to do this?

Best regards




SOC charging value doesn't change

Sun, 2019-07-14 15:36 -- powersquare

Dear Dialog team,

We are testing SOC functionality using DA14683 board with pxp_reporter application, DEBUG_SOC and dg_configUSE_SOC are enabled. Battery (3.7V, 500mAH, PKCELL LP503035) is connected to VBAT and Gnd on the board. SDK used is DA1468x_DA15xxx_SDK_1.0.14.1081.

Case 1:

USB1(CHG) is not connected to any power source.

In this case, battery discharges and we query for SOC value for every 2-3 minutes, we get the latest battery percentage.


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