Newly installed SUOTA app (Android) does not flash new firmware correctly.

Mon, 2019-07-08 16:49 -- Myken


I had a working system and I was able to upload new firmware to our devices (DA14680) using the SUOTA app (from google play store).

However I installed the APP on a new device (old one is no longer available) and now it seams that I can upload but the new firmware does not appears to be flashed correctly.

In the SUOTA APP I can find my device, it connects. after I do "UPDATE DEVICE" and select a image I see the following settings.

DA1468x boot procedure from QSPI

Sun, 2019-07-07 11:10 -- Mikle

Hi! I confused and want some help in understanding boot procedure in QSPI Cached mode with ble (DA14681).
In document UM-B-044 (software reference) it's unclear for me, where is cutted 8 bytes from reserved area in image in flash (on reference figure 43)? As I can understand, there must be two patch entry (4×2), that must be copied to RAM at startup procedure. So do we loose these entries?
As I understand: IVT(192)+64(patch)=256, and 48 patch bytes from 0x8000 0000, so reserved area must be 64, not 56.
Please, say what is wrong in my mind?

partition table missing when program the chip

Fri, 2019-06-28 20:41 -- andoridfm2013

Hi, I came acorss this problem when I change to a new computer, when I use suota_initial_flash_jtag_win to program the chip, (bootloader already programmed too), the chip won't boot and I find out the partition table is missing in the flash (7f000) and everything seems look the same, but this problem won't happen in the old computer with the same project.

So I would like to ask is there are any IDE related setting I miss that will cause this problem? thank you. 

DA14681 power consumption is high

Fri, 2019-06-21 11:50 -- song


My PCB USES DA14681 and other peripheral chips, which are powered by GPIO of DA14681.

When DA14681 is in extended sleep mode, GPIO power is turned off, and the battery output current is 102uA. In DA14681 hibernation mode, the battery output current is 1.4uA.

Some PCB extended sleep power is abnormal, battery output current is 1.9mA, but hibernation power is normal.

I wonder if the power anomaly might be related to DA14681.

AD1468x - SPI Half Duplex

Fri, 2019-06-21 11:02 -- bobspam@free.fr


I do need to communicate with a SPI peripheral that requires SPI Half-Duplex communications.

Can you confirm to me that this is possible with AD1468x and how ?

Is complex SPI transaction with callback functions between read and write transactions in which we toggle GPIO PIN Function from DO to DI suitable ?

Thank you in advance


can't wake up form hibernation by VBUS_Handler

Wed, 2019-06-12 09:33 -- 魏文彬

Hi DA team

In the previous post you told me "The DA14682 can wake up form hibernation via the VBUS (USB) interrupt."

But I can only wake up via the wkup button。

I plugged in the USB while sleeping and did not enter the VBUS_Handler。

I can only do the following configuration:

        hw_wkup_configure_pin(HW_GPIO_PORT_1,HW_GPIO_PIN_6, 1, HW_WKUP_PIN_STATE_LOW);
        hw_wkup_register_interrupt(button_interrupt_cb, 1);

and in button_interrupt_cb is:

Cannot wake up after enter extened_sleep

Tue, 2019-06-11 07:26 -- 魏文彬

HI DAteam

i set 


        hw_wkup_configure_pin(HW_GPIO_PORT_4, HW_GPIO_PIN_1, true,HW_WKUP_PIN_STATE_HIGH);
        hw_wkup_register_interrupt(wkup_handler, configLIBRARY_MAX_SYSCALL_INTERRUPT_PRIORITY);


and the wkup_handler is


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