DA14683 KIT USB can not be found

Fri, 2020-07-24 17:35 -- Johnlin325

Hi Dialog team,


I'd like to ask you some questions. I'd really appreciate it if you can answer me.

1. Did you know why the J-link GDB can not find the DA14683? (attached DA14683.pdf)

2. I always can not find the DA14683-00A9DECKT-U in the "here" link.

and the warning message always shows "No devices have been detected" when I click "Detect connected device(s)".  (attached DA14683.pdf)


Thank you

DA14683 KIT USB認不到

Fri, 2020-07-24 17:34 -- Johnlin325

Hi Dialog team,


I'd like to ask you some questions. I'd really appreciate it if you can answer me.

1. 為什麼J-link GDB找不到DA14683? (如附件)

2. 不明白為什麼我始終無法從"here"連結找到DA14683-00A9DECKT-U,而且當我點擊"Detect connected device(s)",警告視窗總是顯示 "No devices have been detected". (如附件)


Thank you

插入DA14683 KIT USB, 沒有找到dialog.usb這個檔案

Fri, 2020-07-24 14:35 -- Johnlin325

Hi Dialog team,

I can't find the dialog.usb in my DA14683 Kit USB when I plug it in my PC.

does this is normal? how can I operate the? USB CDC?


我插入我的DA14683 KIT USB, 我沒有找到dialog.usb這個檔案?

請問這是正常的嗎? 我要怎麼操作USB CDC?


Thank you

Possible Short-Circuit during Boot-Sequence

Thu, 2020-07-09 17:08 -- marss

On a Custom-PCB the OTP is in its default state. This means e.g. that the "Production Ready" flag is not set an that the DA14683 goes through it's boot sequence and configures various pins as outputs. This could potentially damage some devices, especially because the DA14683 can be used to power other components which may not yet fully running (e.g. until 1V8 is configured properly).

But more important: I assume this could also damage the DA14683 itself? What is the recommended procedure from Dialog?

Set DA14683(AQFN) USB pin P1_1 & P2_2 as SPI MOSI & MISO pin

Fri, 2020-07-03 05:30 -- kuda

HI! PM_Dialog,


      I have custom DA14683 boards and got problem about set DA14683(AQFN) USB pin P1_1 & P2_2 as SPI MOSI & MISO pin.

      For pcb layout issue, my custom board need to setup P1_1(USB pin) & P2_2(USB pin) as SPI MOSI & MISO pin.

      I had trace SPI MOSI & MISO signal output and input by oscilloscope. It can trace waveform to verify hardware is work.

      But I can't get any data from SPI read function.

DA14683 mesh SDK

Mon, 2020-06-29 13:29 -- MathieuB

Hi all,


I have bought a DA14683 devkit pro to use its mesh functionalities.

On this webpage (https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/smartbond-bluetooth-mesh-sdk) there is a link to request (by email) the mesh SDK.

I have sent an email (3rd June) but have received no niews since then.

Could anyone tell me how I can have acces to the mesh SDK ?


Thank you in advance.

da14683 hangs in ROM while booting

Thu, 2020-06-25 09:02 -- marss

I've written a tiny program which toggles an LED for the DA14683 Pro Development Kit. The program is running from the RAM. When I upload this program manually (without the IDE) this also works fine.

When I upload the exact same program (with the exact same debugger) to our board (an LED is also at P1/5) the CPU always get stuck in the ROM at address 0x07f01dfc (which is a loop onto itself). Maybe this is the "Wait Forever" part of the boot sequence.

write more than 8 times to VES flash?

Wed, 2020-06-24 12:14 -- andoridfm2013

hi, Dialog,

i wonder what will happen when i write too many times into VES. For example, assuming VES partition_entry_size / AD_NVMS_VES_MULTIPLIER = 128 / 8 = 16 kBytes.  All space will be taken after write 16kB data into it for 8 times. What if i write more than 8 times? shall i erase whole VES 128kB flash before writing the 9th 16kB?

thank you.


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