Use DA14681 SWD pins as ADC

Mon, 2020-06-01 20:07 -- mahmed106

Hi dialog

i m using a board based on DA14681 and i want to use 6 thermistors , and for that i have to use one ADC pin that is shared with SWD pins, (SWD CLK and SWDIO).

I confured this pin but it didnt work, then from this query  i came to realize that debugger needs to be disabled for this pin to work, (https://support.dialog-semiconductor.com/forums/post/dialog-smartbond-bl...)

but still no progress.

DA16881 fuel gauge

Fri, 2020-05-29 13:25 -- matthieuW

Dear Dialog,

i implemented a da14681 on a custom system on chip.

My system runs on a lithium ion batterie.

My problem is that the socf function is crashing my system when activated, the board is not booting and thus it is not possible debug easily.

I implemented a workaround in which i retreive manually the battery voltage through the ad_battery_raw_to_mvolt() function and then calculate the battery level through linear regression.

Battery charge in ProDK board

Sun, 2020-05-24 06:35 -- johnmayall

Hi Dialog,

I am using DA14683 ProDK board and SDK version is DA1468x_DA15xxx_SDK_1.0.14.1081

I want to test battery charge function in the ProDK board but it seems not work!

The following are my settings:

(1) Use pxp_reporter project in SDK and uncomment #define DEBUG_SOC in custom_config_qspi.h

(2) Connect Lithium battery(500mAh) on J10(pin1: VBAT- to battery negative terminal, pin 2 to battery positive terminal, pin 3 NTC is not connected)

(3) Switch SW2 on the daugtherboard to VBAT

(4) Place jumper on header J9, on position 1-2

spi2 bus clock and mosi pin do not output signal.

Thu, 2020-05-21 15:05 -- kuda


I'm trying to communicate with ST7735 for lcd display and bio sensor in the DA14683 Development Kit.

Both ST7735 and bio sensor are SPI bus protocol. I want to set ST7735 on spi 2 and bio sensor on spi 1.

I had test ST7735 on spi1  and it is work.

However, I modify st7735 from spi 1 to spi2, csn pin is work but the clock and mosi pin do not output signal.

Measurment result as attached file.

Is there any parameters or api need to setup?


//************* modify st7735 from spi 1 to spi2


DA14683-USB disconnecting/crashing

Sat, 2020-05-09 20:27 -- electromotivated


I'm evaluating the DA14683 using the DA14683-USB DK. I've compiled and loaded the DialogSemi\projects\workspace-ble-adv\projects\dk_apps\features\ble_peripheral project. After pressing restart I can see the device's advertisements in my BLE development app, and can even connect. However, after ~10 seconds the device disconnects/crashes. I have to hit the reset button again to restart the device, at which point it crashes again after ~10 seconds. It looks like most of the da14683 tutorials and demo code are for the da14683-basic and -pro dks.


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