Unable to control some pins

Thu, 2019-09-19 06:25 -- kuanyu99

Hi PM_Dialog,


I recently have some diffculties during developing the program on the proDK.

In my program, I use the P0_14 and P0_15 as I2C or GPIO function instead of USB function. But the pins can't generate any signal and even can't read/set the pins to high/low correctly. Even though, I checked and modified the USBPAD_REG[USBPAD_EN] bit, the problem is still exist.

DA14695 development kit and TrustZone

Thu, 2019-09-05 15:52 -- rabbitlennon

Hi there,

I have a DA14695 development kit and a DA14699 daughter board. Can I know if the development kit supports TrustZone and instruction trace? I found from the user manual that the chip supports MTB, but there is no detailed information about it. Could you please guide me to the correct technical support?


Thank you!

Development board JTAG programming issues

Fri, 2019-08-30 09:07 -- ky3orr


my team, from time to time, is experiencing an issue when programming a firmware into QSPI memory using JTAG programming script: program_qspi_jtag from Smart Snippets Studio (using DA14699 dev board).

From unknown reasons programming freezes of slows down on random basis (we can tell only that it looks like some slow communication is ongoing between PC and jlink) so it is impossible since then to load compiled image.

Time critical operations with BLE stack running

Fri, 2019-08-30 07:41 -- ky3orr


I am working on a firmware utilizing BLE stack based on a PXP_reporter (also SUOTA is needed) example from SDK

I'd like to add a task that performs some time critical actions (DC motor steering using custom on/off profile so no easy use of HW PWM).

Is there a tutorial or guide regarding time and events management between tasks to learn proper way of handling time critical operations in a multi-task environment?


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