SmartBond™ emWin support for DA1469x

Mon, 2019-10-14 17:01 -- PM_Dialog

emWin is provided in library form to users of Dialog Semiconductor products exclusively. A user of a free emWin library supported by Dialog Semiconductor can get a emWin source code upgrade with a discount of up to 50% on the SEGGER website.



Fri, 2020-02-14 11:38 -- dder161

你好我使用da1469x 的plt_fw



一個按鍵 ,我要按一下去切換定頻發射的東西.


我在按鍵的lebel  放好hci的內容 是去call這個嗎?

void hci_custom_action(dgtl_msg_t *msg);


我目前按下按鍵後 _rf_master UART會顯示收到

payload: 0E 04 01 1E 20 00


但是使用RF_MASTER 送一樣的指令UART會收到

payload: 0E 04 07 1E 20 00



Need guideline to write XBF font to partition

Thu, 2020-02-13 08:36 -- firebird

Hi, teams.


Tracking https://support.dialog-semiconductor.com/forums/post/dialog-smartbond-bluetooth-low-energy-%E2%80%93-software/binary-too-big-if-emwin-font-included issues, I just noticed the new emWin library & example is uploaded.

Trying to use XBF fonts, found that it should be written prior in a separated partition.

/ DA14583 / DA14683 - BLE location system

Tue, 2020-02-11 07:49 -- PhilippHemkemeyer

Dear community,

I have development kits for the three systems and I want to build a location system via bluetooth. What do I need to do? I have literally no idea. Is it even possible to do that with the systems? How accurate would at be? I need accuracy about 5-10cm.

Thanks for your help.




Fri, 2020-02-07 06:46 -- dder161


我有da1469x的direct_test 有疑問要詢問,



我手上有開發工具,已經把external_ble 燒入qspi, 並且可以透過Rf_MASTER 發射出頻率了



2.除了RF_MASTER 跟REAL_TERM有沒有其他簡易的下發射指令的方式?




Best way to program custom PCB with DA14695

Mon, 2020-01-27 13:34 -- ethsiplab

Hi there,

I designed a custom PCB prototype with a DA14695 on it. What is the best way to program it? I was planning on using the serial interface with UTX, URX,  URTS, UCTS (P0_7-0_9, P1_0) with a USB adapter (TTL-232R-3V3). However, somehow this does not work. I also tried using the serial interface from the DEV-Kit motherboard without the daughterboard plugged in and connected it to my prototype which does not work either. I also tried using SWD from the Dev-Kit (without a daughterboard plugged in) to the prototype which again fails.


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