SDK6.0.8 now released for DA14585/6 !

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SDK6.0.8 now released for DA14585/6 !

Some great new features in SDK6.0.8 for supporting DA14585/DA14586 !

1. Disabled DC-DC auto calibration (Buck and Boost mode).

2. Added 38K4 baud rate support in production test f/w.

3. Added support for URI advertising data type.

4. Added support for GATT service layer changed characteristic to application layer.

5. Added support to disable the ROM ECC key generation calculations if the Secure Connections feature is not used.

6. Added support for Boost mode.

7. Used the default XTAL16M trim value when the XTAL16M is uncalibrated.

8. Added support for high temperature operation (105°C).

9. Added API for AES-CCM, AES-CBC and AES-CMAC operations.

10. Added function for the unique static random BD address generation using OTP header values.

11. Added API to support controller privacy (peripheral role).

12. Added extra power optimization method using the XTAL16M adaptive settling time algorithm. It is enabled by default and can offer power savings of up to 10% for 10ms connection interval.