Toolbox start up issues

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Toolbox start up issues

We have encountered a problem during start-up of the SmartSnippets toolbox. The problem is visible in SmartSnippets Studio2.0.6/Toolboxv5.0.6.2196.  After selecting a member of the DA1458x family (DA14580/581/583/585/586) and pressing the “Open” button the tool will stop.


The problem is caused by the regional settings of the PC. Computers having region and language settings using a ‘,’ (comma) as decimal separator will observe this problem. A workaround is to switch to a region and language pack using a ‘.’ (period) as decimal separator. The United States/English Region & Language setting has this by default.

The root cause of this problem is understood and will be solved in a next release of the SmartSnippets tools.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.