Check out the SLG46880 !

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Check out the SLG46880 !


GreenPAK™ Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with Asynchronous State Machine and Dual Supply.

Dialog introduces SLG46880 and SLG46881, the newest members of the GreenPAK™ family of Configurable Mixed Signal Matrix devices. These parts include the latest development of the Asynchronous State Machine (ASM) architecture, which supports up to 12 states, and as many as 84 state transitions. This new architecture will vastly expand the range of applications that can be implemented with the ASM, including many applications that would have previously required a low cost microcontroller. These devices also support low power, low speed clocking that can run on less than 500 nA typical, and low power analog comparators that can operate at  ~2.5 uA typical. 

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