Microcontroller operation using Zinc-air battery

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Microcontroller operation using Zinc-air battery

Can the DA14580 chip operate using a Zinc-Air battery?
The product catalog (http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/713/da14580-family-product-brief-772320.pdf) states "it can run from voltages as low as 0.9 V: ideal for running from single-cell or Zinc-air batteries." But what about the current. Can the Zinc-Air battery provide enough current to supply the microcontroller?

Assuming no other peripheral devices (i.e. looking only at powering the chip and associated components in boost mode), would the DA14580 be operational using a Zinc-air (A10 size) battery?


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Hi Hassan,

Hi Hassan,


This type of battery has never been tested with DA14580, so if it is according to operating specifications of DA14580, you will be able to use it. Please check the recommended operating specifications from the DA14580 datasheet



Thanks, PM_Dialog