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Hi , I am using DA14683 -00A9 Development Kit Pro and SDK version DA1468x_DA15xxx_SDK_1.0.14.1081, SmartSnippets_Studio_v2.0.6.1251_windows_0.

I have imported the 'freertos_retarget' project and 'scripts' to the project explorer, and added the NVM flash adapter code to the 'freertos_retarget' project . We have build the project by using DA14683-00_QSPI buid configuration and flashed the code to the Development kit by using "program_qspi_jtag_win".

After flashing the code to the development kit some times it is working as expected and we can able to see the output as expected and same as shown in the Dialog flash adapters tutorial guide. But the issue is some times it is not working (or the firmware is not running on the controller). we can not see any output after flashing same code again to the same development kit.

we have tried this on two different development kits and observed the same issue on both the development kits, Can you please help us to resolve the issue, please let us if we are missing anything in the flash process.

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Hi Anudeep,

Hi Anudeep,

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