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Antenna matching circuit

I want to know that how to design the matching circuit.

The file is the antenna and matching circuit design we have done.  we used the matching circuit of other people. But we need to do the presentation, so that we need to know that how to design the matching circuit and how to choose the value of the inductors and capacitors.

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Hi zhehanc,

Hi zhehanc,

I would like to let you know that if you are starting a new project, we would recommend to start with the DA14585 – the SDK is much improved, we have a lot of software examples and more detailed documentation that it will be very helpful to getting started.  In addition, there is also software roadmap support on the DA14585 to our next generation device that is announced 5th November. Please check out DA14585/6 support port and take a look at our latest SDK6:


Regarding your question, please take a look at this document AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas for Bluetooth Smart.  Please let me know if this document cover your requirement.

Thanks, PM_Dialog