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Hi ,

1)We designed a custom board using DA14531MOD-00F1DB-P BLE Module .

2)The issue is while trying to connect BLE Module (in custom Board) using "Smart snippet" software but it's keep loading and board didn't detected. (J link plus segger and SWD Interface used)

            a)In our custom design "Reset" is pulled High using pull up resistor (Smart snippet software but it's keep loading and board didn't detected & in J link plus Green LED glowed).

            b) In the next step removed pull up and trying to connect the BLE in costum board (Smart snippet  software but it's keep loading and board didn't detected & in J link plus                       Red LED glowed).

3)But the Smart snippet software is  able to detect  BLE Module in development kit board "DA14531-00FXDEVKT-P" but unable to detect BLE Module in custom board .

4)We would like to know what is the "RESET"state of BLE Module (i.e.. pulled high or pulled low).


        We Welcome any other suggestions.

        Thanks in Advance.


V Pooja.


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Hi pooja,

Hi pooja,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in out BLE Solutions.

Could you please indicate which "Smart snippet" software are you using? The SS Studio, the SS Toolbox or the SS Flash programmer?

So, if I understood correctly, you have a custom board based on the DA14531 module. To have the JTAG interface, are you using our DKs or you have an external JTAG?

Could you please provide those clarifications and some screenshots (if it is possible), so that I can clearly understand your issue?

Thanks, PM_Dialog