Configure DA14585 IoT Air Quality Index under Eclipse/GCC

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Configure DA14585 IoT Air Quality Index under Eclipse/GCC

I'm familiarizing myself with DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor Development Kit using Eclipse/GCC. I ran through steps in AN-B064 and successfully compiled and ran debugger with no problems.

I decided to try and configure Air Quality Index per instructions in UM-B-101 section 4.2.4. After defining IAQ_ENABLED I get the following errors:

C:/IoT_MSK/DA14585_IOTP/v6.160.4/projects/target_apps/common/lib/bsec/user_iaq.c:86: undefined reference to `bsec_init'
C:/IoT_MSK/DA14585_IOTP/v6.160.4/projects/target_apps/common/lib/bsec/user_iaq.c:99: undefined reference to `bsec_set_state'
C:/IoT_MSK/DA14585_IOTP/v6.160.4/projects/target_apps/common/lib/bsec/user_iaq.c:101: undefined reference to `bsec_init'
C:/IoT_MSK/DA14585_IOTP/v6.160.4/projects/target_apps/common/lib/bsec/user_iaq.c:117: undefined reference to `bsec_update_subscription'
./bsec_lib/user_iaq.o: In function `update_iaq':
C:/IoT_MSK/DA14585_IOTP/v6.160.4/projects/target_apps/common/lib/bsec/user_iaq.c:145: undefined reference to `bsec_sensor_control'
C:/IoT_MSK/DA14585_IOTP/v6.160.4/projects/target_apps/common/lib/bsec/user_iaq.c:169: undefined reference to `bsec_do_steps'
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

I'm guessing the linker doesn't know what to do with user_iaq.c. because everthing in it only exists when IAQ_ENABLED is defined.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm obviously new to Eclipse/GCC.


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Hi dsteury,

Hi dsteury,

Thanks for your question online. Let me check it and try to replicate it, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks, PM_Dialog